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The Barrier, Park Theatre – Review

Sally Llewellyn Directed by Kirrie Wratten  ★★  Pros: The set, lighting and audio enhance the performance. The program is full of interesting reading, adding a lot of context to the show. There is a good amount of on-stage action, so the audience sees what is happening. Cons: The story is very simple, especially given the subject matter. The dialogue felt contrived, and the delivery is a bit melodramatic. Our Verdict: Conceptually this story is interesting. Unfortunately, it does not translate to ...

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A Picture of Dorian Gray, The White Rabbit Cocktail Club

Rob JohnstonDirected by Andy McQuade★★★★ Pros: A truly original, deliciously dark and modern reimagining of Oscar Wilde’s gothic novel, with top-notch performances to boot. Cons: Dark lighting and less than ideal sightlines made it sometimes difficult to get the most out of the action, and audiences completely unfamiliar with the source material may feel a bit confused. Our Verdict: It’s a thrilling and chilling gothic piece brought to life by a diverse and talented cast – not one to miss! ...

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