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Ocelot: Resurrection, The Last Refuge

The Brothers KaufmanDirected by Jonathan Kaufman★★★ Pros: Hilarious short pieces and a wildly funny, engaged cast. Cons: Inclusion of light and set design would have bumped the presentation up a notch. Our Verdict: Though it could have been easier on the eyes, Ocelet: Resurrection is a hidden comic gem that will crack you up and make you think! Courtesy of The Last Refuge This month, Spontaneous Productions presents Ocelot: Resurrection, their fourth series of short plays and sketches since 2009. ...

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Peanuts, The Last Refuge

Ashleigh Packham Directed by Adam Reeves ★★★ Pros: A very enjoyable journey following a delightfully quirky character. Cons: The scatty nature of the protagonist is just as prevalent in the play as a whole. Our Verdict: Very enjoyable and worth seeing, but it needs a bit more development as it currently leaves the audience somewhat unquenched. Courtesy of Poleroid Theatre This is a self-narration detailing the world of Anna. She’s quiet, has some rather odd habits and has a lovely ...

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Hot Dog, The Last Refuge

Sarah KosarDirected by Faye Merralls ★★★ Pros: Simultaneously funny and thought provoking, this show will stay with you long into the evening. Cons: The venue was freezing, the performance space in particular. This did distract a lot of attention from the play itself. Our Verdict: Hot Dog is a striking piece of new writing which skilfully tackles questions of ageing, illness and humanity with consistently dark but on-the-mark humour.  Courtesy of Descent Theatre Sarah Kosar’s Hot Dog gets you asking ...

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Linck, The Last Refuge

Danny West & Ben Fensome  Directed by Danny West★★★ Pros: A strong all-female cast with a very interesting and relevant subject matter Cons: There seemed to be a few inconsistencies in the script, a potentially biased representation of Catharina Linck and the final moments lacked passion Our Verdict: A very interesting script and a strong cast make this show worthwhile, despite some tiny flaws Courtesy of The Last Refuge The new production, Linck, at The Last Refuge in Peckham has ...

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