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Secret Theatre London – Review

Based on the film by Quentin TarantinoDirected by Richard Crawford  ★★★ Pros: Edgy and exciting. Tarantino is a big name to live up to, and this production does him justice. Cons: The quiet cap guns used at the most dangerous and climactic moments were more humorous than murderous. The production has the potential to be more immersive than it is. Our Verdict: An exciting new concept for theatre which is acted brilliantly, but could do more with audience involvement. Courtesy ...

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Location Location, Stour Space, Site-Specific – Review

Directed by Emilia Teglia ★★★ Pros: A fun, theatrical Halloween celebration. A cut above your average fancy dress party. Cons: Very brief performance, only 30mins! Our Verdict: A pleasant night out, a good party atmosphere with a ghoulish element. Maybe more party than theatre but still enjoyable. Credit: International Society of Communication and Drama Tucked away in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium, the Stour Space is a short walk from Hackney Wick. I had diligently prepped my Google maps ...

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Bussy D’Ambois, Poets Church: St Giles in the Fields – Review

George ChapmanDirected by Brice StratfordThe Owle Schreame Theatre Company ★★★  Pros: Excellent movement and choral effort. Impressive sword action, entertaining and unorthodox. Cons: Lighting is too bright and detracts from the atmosphere. Some lines were difficult to hear in this setting. Our Verdict: Commendable effort in bringing a 400 year old script to modern life. Well worth the 5 pound ticket cost for an evening of lustfully demonic theatre in creepy environs. Courtesy of Cannibal Valour As part of the ...

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Cheese, Oxford Street – Review

Nikki SchreiberDirected by Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe★★★★ Pros: A quirky play within a play that offers lots of laughs, gags and good humour, as well as a serious and meaningful contemplation of the causes and consequences of the economic collapse. Cons: Despite being told in allegorical form and presenting several perspectives, the message and tone of the production did feel overtly didactic at times. Verdict: Cheese offers a unique experience in more ways than one. A sharp dissection of ...

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The Picture of Dorian Gray, Greenwich (Secret Location) – Review

by Oscar WildePresented by The Alchemic Order★★★ Pros: The combination of promenade theatre and “Dorian Gray’s private home” gives this piece something quite special. Cons: Conversations felt slow, the pauses between lines sometimes dragged. However this might have been because of last-minute-casting. Our Verdict: A different evening that will transport into the debauched upper echelons of Victorian society, albeit it is a little rough around the edges. Courtesy of Sebastian Lister and The Alchemic Order What do you do when ...

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