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Bookends, Etcetera Theatre – Review

Pros: An evening full of variety that includes a couple of classy performances. Cons: Some of the plays drag a little due to sluggish direction and delivery and the writing isn’t all of an equally high standard. Bookends comprises four short plays, performed one after another without an interval in the tiny upstairs room of Camden’s Oxford Arms. It’s a lot to take in during a single evening, especially when Arsenal fans are cheering in the pub downstairs, but there’s ...

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Never Have I Seen Mount Fuji, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review

Howard ColyerDirected by Sarah Marr and Scott Le Crass★★★★ Pros: Produced perfectly, performed fantastically, written engagingly. Cons: I did not really understand the point of the final play, Nothing Else Ever. Our Verdict: An enjoyable evening where I inhaled the riveting performances. Judging by the quality of these shows, Ballast Theatre is a company to watch out for. Courtesy of Brockley Jack Studio Theatre Although entitled Never Have I Seen Mount Fuji, this show was actually made up of three ...

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Mandrake, The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Machiavelli, adapted by Howard Colyer Directed by Scott Le Crass ★★ Pros: A fun romp of a story. Cons: Limited depth of thought in this production. The script is played comically rather than as comedy. Verdict: Loosely enjoyable but ultimately not very satisfying. Courtesy of The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre When you enter the auditorium you see clever and elegantly designed dividing frames that suggest the creation of a vast array of locations and, in their sparseness, promise simple but ...

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