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Tadzio Speaks…, Etcetera Theatre – Review

Written and directed by Martin Foreman ★★★ Pros: Interesting concept and good storytelling. The short format is perfect for this solo performance. Cons: The drama is based on a novella and without knowledge of the back story the audience may be underwhelmed by the plot. Our Verdict: A tidy, short one man show, based on a novella written in 1912. The concept is thought provoking, though it could be a little braver. Entertaining lunchtime drama. Credit: Tadziospeaks.co.uk Tadzio Speaks… is ...

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Californian Lives, OSO Arts Centre – Review

Martin ForemanDirected by Emma King-Farlow★★★ Pros: The performers paint a powerful picture of longing, loneliness and regret that reaches deep within. Cons: Sometimes your mind wanders off because of the monologue-based structure of the play. Our Verdict: A production which has matured and improved since we last saw it. Courtesy of Lauren Wright Californian Lives is comprised of three different stories, each focused on the account of a nameless American character. Set in 1990s California, through a combination of monologues, ...

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Californian Lives, King’s Head Theatre

Martin Foreman  Emma King-Farlow  ★★  Pros: Small venue with an intimate setting. Good performances from John Vernon and Carolyn Lyster. Cons: Three monologues one after the other can be a bit exhausting, and the audience’s attention does wane slightly.  Our Verdict: The stories reflect emotions and events that occur in everyday life and which resonate with the audience, however the monologue aspect was difficult to swallow. One-man shows are notoriously difficult for the actor; having no other actors to play ...

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