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Review: It’s a Motherf**king Pleasure, Soho Theatre

FlawBored, from left to right: Sam, Chloe and Aarian. Sam, a white man with a shaved head and short ginger beard is wearing a brown jacket and light blue shirt. He is frowning at the camera and holding fragile tape which is tangled all over his body. Chloe, a white woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is wearing a blue shirt. She is holding the roll of fragile tape and smiling at the camera. Aarian, a Middle Eastern man with thick black hair and a shaved face is wearing a maroon shirt and white t-shirt. He stands with his hands on his hips looking despairingly towards the camera. The background is a purple.blue background with distorted text and pink and teal scribbles.

OMG! The PR Agency ‘Rize’ has been accused of being ‘ableist’ so the big guns have been brought in to do something about it. Shall we embark upon a course of action involving fact finding, learning and improvement? No, of course not. Let’s make some money. Enter unscrupulous, blind talent manager Tim (Samuel Brewer) who has a cunning plan. He manipulates and uses blind influencer Ross (Aarian Mehrabani) to use his disability for some money-making schemes. So, posting on the ...

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Specie, New Diorama Theatre

Joe White Directed by Josh Roche ★★★★ Pros: A beautiful piece of theatre. Thoughtful and creatively presented. Cons: Not enough Shubham Saraf! Our Verdict: One of the most interesting and original new plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 – now in London. Courtesy of Fat Git Theatre Specie is the latest offering from Fat Git Theatre, a company that aims to challenge contemporary perceptions of ugliness. The show is a meaningful contribution to the debate, full of verve and ...

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The Café, Old Red Lion Theatre (site-specific at The CoffeeWorks Project)

Ben AitkenDirected by Josh Roche★★★★ Pros: An all-round, very strong piece which deftly explores the harmony (or lack of) between self-identity and circumstance. Cons: I couldn’t see the benefits of making this show site-specific. Our Verdict: A very absorbing, intriguing narrative which is relevant to anyone living in Britain in 2013. Courtesy of The Old Red Lion Although the title refers to a place, this play is about people and the complex factors defining who we are. It delves into ...

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Uninvited, New Diorama Theatre

Fat-Git Theatre, adapted from the novella by Peter MortimerDirected by Josh Roche★★★ Pros: Dark, quirky comedy, well acted, smooth and simple design. Cons: Sometimes hard to follow. Thought provoking, but ultimately unrewarding. Our Verdict: An equally entertaining and unsettling piece inviting questions about the safety and dangers of solitude, but failing to create a completely connected story line. Courtesy of Fat-Git Theatre It’s not an uncommon trope in modern theatre to have actors, like scenery, preset onstage as the audience ...

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