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She Writes: What’s Through the Door, Canal Café Theatre – Review

Presented by 17% in association with Canal Café TheatreDirected by Amy Clare Tasker ★★★★ Loosing Light by Whoop ‘n ‘Wail The Audition by Sam Hall The Fourth Circle by Hehir  Pros: Three plays in one, each delightful and mysterious. The pieces are beautifully and intelligently connected by an overarching narrative. Cons: I think this piece could have benefited from more playing space. It could do with a bigger theatre where the central and integral set piece, a green door, could be ...

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Romeo and Juliet, Old Red Lion Theatre

William Shakespeare Directed by Grassroots Shakespeare London ★★★★  Pros: Say what you like about Shakespeare, but he knew how to write a play. Romeo is excellent and Juliet lends a bit of spice to a role that can be bland when performed with less skill. This production is energetic and entertaining. Cons: Not all performances were as strong as they might have been and the music was, at times, distracting. Our Verdict: When performed well, Romeo and Juliet is funny ...

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