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The Grand Guignol, The Space – Review

Francis KobayashiDirected by Adam Hemming★★ Pros: A healthy serving of black humor and a handful of top-notch performances. Cons: The play is entirely too long and struggles to follow a coherent trajectory. Our Verdict: The Grand Guignol is an intriguing but unfocused work that, despite some biting wit and interesting subject matter, has too many ideas that it fails to see through. Courtesy of The Space Francis Kobayashi penned The Grand Guignol after reading an article about a historical theatre ...

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Cymbeline, The Space

William Shakespeare Directed by Nathalie Adlam ★★★ Pros: An atmospheric production. Fine performances that bring Shakespeare’s language to life. Cons: The complex plot is difficult to follow; the play’s disparate elements don’t cohere. Our Verdict: A valiant attempt at a problematic play. Courtesy of The Space I had never seen or read Cymbeline prior to attending this production by Les Foules Theatre. Yet, because the play features a mishmash of so many Shakespearian tropes, it felt familiar. There’s a love ...

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One Festival, The Space

A showcase of monologues ★★ Pros: A great platform for new work, and a real mixture of different genres and tones. Cons: The four shows together make the evening quite long, and some scripts that would benefit from further workshopping. Our Verdict: A nice and worthwhile survey of different styles of theatrical work and a peek into some upcoming talent, but not fully polished and a bit lengthy. Courtesy of The Space Programme B Deirdre and Me, Rachael Halliwell  Woman ...

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