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The Crystal Egg Live, The Vaults – Review

Pros: The set and the performance of Carolina Main as Anna-Jacoby. Cons: At times it dragged a bit and needed to be about 15 minutes shorter. Written in 1897, H G Wells’ vision of constantly being watched resonates still, especially when one has walked to The Vaults past the many CCTV cameras in and around Waterloo Station. This may well have been the original story about an object taking over someone’s personality, but as the concept has been used many times since it is not as novel as ...

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Blood Wedding, Waterloo East Theatre

Federico Garcia LorcaDirected by Zoe Ford★★★ Pros: Some strong cast members offer passionate and realistic performances. Cons: The surrealism surrounding the final act may be off putting for some. Seating arrangement made it hard to see some of the action. Our Verdict: The first and final acts leave much to be desired however this is more to do with the play itself than this production of it. Courtesy of Hiraeth Artistic Productions Hiraeth Artistic Production‘s version of Lorca’s Blood Wedding is ...

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