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The House of Bernarda Alba, Baron’s Court Theatre – Review

Federico García LorcaDirected by Adam Morley★★★ Pros: Belen Díaz’s performance as Bernarda Alba really brings the show together. Cons: The production in the original Spanish limits the audience pool significantly. Our verdict: Spain’s past and history came alive in the little theatre of Barons Court. A powerful and symbolic production filled with surprises. The House of Bernarda Alba is Spain’s most famous dramatist Federico García Lorca’s last tragedy. Written in the midst of the Civil War that would ultimately cost him ...

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Who is Noskov?, Theatro Technis

Five plays written by George NoskovDirected by George Eugeniou Grey Foam: ★★Turkey: ★★★ Pros: The opening and closing scenes of an empty stage with voices coming through the speakers were poignant and an excellent idea which both enthralled the audience at the beginning and caused them to leave thinking. Cons: Sadly the space, a thrust black box theatre and stage, was not used very well by either the actors or the director. The venue seemed just too big for the ...

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