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THE GODS, THE GODS, THE GODS, Black Box Theatre, Adelaide Botanic Garden (Adelaide Fringe) – Review

Entering Black Box Theatre, we’re invited to gather in the middle of the auditorium and encouraged to sway, dance or whatever the music inspires us to do. The smoke-filled, strobe-lit room is reminiscent of an illegal underground club, where darkness prevails, and we get cosy with strangers. This is not the conventional atmosphere you’d expect at a mid-week matinee, but surely achieves what theatre is all about, transporting us into a different world. This isn’t an illegal club either, but ...

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The Daughters of Róisín, Bakehouse Theatre, Mainstage (Adelaide Fringe) – Review

Wearing a long white night gown, a young woman stands in the middle of the room. Her natural platinum locks streaming down her shoulders, onto her chest. Her dark, wide eyes stare at us as we sit in front of her. Can she see us or is she looking through us? Around her, small piles of crumpled white cloths are scattered on the floor. Amongst them, a metal bucket, a broom and a wooden chair. She breaks the silence with ...

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