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Review: In Bad Taste, live stream from The Space

Reading the blurb ahead of time, this show promised lots of blood. So, it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise that clicking into the Zoom broadcast in advance of the 8pm start, the camera appeared to have a red filter on! Watching one of the cast continuously heaving into a bowl as they sat waiting for the real start time might have slightly put a lesser person than myself off their banana bread. (A banana bread that hadn’t ...

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Within, Live online – Review

Online at Facebook In an attempt to make online theatre feel more of an event, Threedumb Theatre presents their latest show Within as a live Facebook broadcast on two consecutive evenings (and then available to view at any time). It’s a brave move and one that has to be commended, almost forcing me to prepare for the late 10pm start and focus expressly on the show. But in streaming live some issues are created that can distract from the performance. ...

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Interview: Chloe Nelkin on Positivity and where we go from here

I think one of the things we will learn from this nightmare is the power of the people involved in the arts community Chloé Nelkin Consulting has been a leading name in the world of theatre PR since it was founded in 2010. A decade on and it’s a name that anyone involved in theatre is likely to have come across, having worked with countless shows and some of the best fringe venues in London. And right now, with theatreland ...

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