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what happens to hope at the end of the evening, Almeida Theatre

Andy Smith and Tim CrouchDirected by Karl James★★★★ Pros: Simple, hilarious and entirely relatable with a great connection between the two performers. Cons: May prove too simplistic for some. Our Verdict: A cozy little performance that felt intense yet somehow lighthearted, all at the same time. The Almeida Theatre was decked out in astroturf and plastic daisies as I entered. Done especially for the Almeida Festival, I was loving the cool, outdoorsy feel as I stepped out of the hot ...

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Crookback, Etcetera Theatre

William Shakespeare, adapted by Tim Welham Directed by Megan Watson★★★Pros: As one man shows of Shakespeare’s go, this was a feat to behold. Done with a succinct and intelligent adaptation of the script of Richard III. Cons: Richness of character and story get lost in this pared down version of the play. Those who are not familiar with the script are in danger of feeling lost, as all contextualising action and dialogue have been cut. Our Verdict: One applauds the immense feat of ...

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Win tickets to see Fuente Ovejuna! – Closed

Good news theatre fans: we’re giving away yet another set of free tickets! We’ve teamed up with Tangram Theatre to give you a chance to win two tickets to see their fantastic production Fuente Ovejuna at the CLF Art Cafe, London. A couple of facts for you to bear in mind about this: 1. We reviewed this show last month and it met with our approval. A cracking ★★★★★ show – our highest and rarest rating! Read the review here. 2. The two tickets are available exclusively for the performance on Sunday ...

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Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi, Finborough Theatre

by Pam Gems Directed by Helen Eastman ★★★★★ Pros: A fast-paced, engaging, politically charged show with characters that enter your heart slowly but surely. Powerfully directed and flawlessly executed.  Cons: Some may find the tiny estrogen-filled flat a bit claustrophobic by the end… but this is a 4-woman sitcom show after all! Our Verdict: Another great period show at the Finborough. Head to Earl’s Court before the show sells out!  Courtesy of Jagged Fence Productions “Is Valium habit-forming?” asks Dusa ...

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The Wonderful World of Dissocia, Red Hedgehog Theatre

Anthony Neilson Directed by Will Seaward ★★★ Pros: Brilliant, comic acting. Very funny at times. Cons: Long first half. Some concepts feel a little underdeveloped. Our Verdict: If you are willing to embrace the absurd this is a tenner well spent because the acting is hilarious and excellent. Courtesy of Clatterhouse Theatre This was my first visit to the Red Hedgehog; I loved it. The atmosphere is everything you’d expect from a small, independently run theatre. Just a door in ...

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Spoonface Steinberg, Jermyn Street Theatre

Lee Hall Directed by Max Barton ★★★★ Pros: Spoonface not only confronts the elephant in the room, she rides it. A touching and deeply thought-provoking production. Cons: A crushing reminder of the fragility of life which can be hard to watch in places.  Our Verdict: Lucy Hollis gives a memorable performance of Lee Hall’s breakthrough one-woman play. Courtesy of Jermyn Street Theatre The eponymous Spoonface Steinberg (Lucy Hollis), a young girl who suffers from autism, understands and explores the world ...

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Our Town, King’s Head Theatre

Thornton Wilder Directed by Tim Sullivan ★★★★ Pros: A very accessible play that caters for all tastes.  Cons: Don’t go expecting lots of scenery and props – the play is meant to be minimalist.  Our Verdict: An American classic that has universal appeal.  Courtesy of Savio(u)r Theatre Company I confess that initially I didn’t know much about Our Town before seeing the show. It’s a revered play that has won countless awards and has played nationwide throughout the US, so why hasn’t ...

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Macbeth, The Rose Theatre

William Shakespeare, adapted by Manuela Ruggiero and Anthony KhaseriaDirected by Manuela Ruggiero★★★ Pros: Excellent use of all that The Rose has to offer, including the lake and surrounding areas. Cons: The use of physical theatre, including the use of dance, could be off putting for some. Our Verdict: A good production overall, though fans of Shakespeare may not care for this modern take on one of his most famous plays. The Rose Theatre, Bankside, is an old Elizabethan theatre and is ...

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Freefall, Wimbledon Studio

Matthew Bulgo and Becky PrestwichDirected by Alice Malin★★★★ Pros: Superb new writing, nuanced and heartrending performances from the entire cast. Cons: Only that both plays are heartbreakingly sad! Our Verdict: A perfect pairing of two plays exploring the themes of memory, grief and loss. Painful and wonderful to watch. Double bills often don’t make for a coherent and satisfying evening of theatre. Not so with Freefall. The two plays featured, The Bear, the Owl and the Angel by Becky Pretwich and ...

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Festen, The Space

Directed by Danielle McIlvenSpace Productions ★★★★ Pros: Space Productions revel in the rapidly fluctuating emotions of the play, keeping the audience consistently on the edge of disgust, laughter, anger and overwhelming sympathy. Cons: A few brief moments of unconvincing characterisation. Our Verdict: A highly tense yet enjoyable piece which, for the most part, had me on the edge of my seat.  Taken from the Danish film of the same name (The Celebration in English), Festen is an intense family drama ...

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