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Midnight’s Pumpkin, Battersea Arts Centre

Adapted and directed by Emma Rice★★★★★ Pros: Energetic, hilarious, and absolutely stunning. Cons: You might get a bit overwhelmed – every element takes centre stage here, nothing is allowed to fade into the background.Our Verdict: Clever, terrifically joyful, and absolutely the most fun you’ll have at the theatre during this festive season! Courtesy of The Telegraph We go to the theatre to be entertained, but we often go with such stringent expectations and critical attitudes that we forget the joy ...

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Salomé, The Old Cholmeley Boys’ Club

Oscar WildeDirected by Anastasia Revi★★★ Pros: The Old Cholmeley Boys’ Club – a dilapidated church like building on the outside, and a lavish looking dining hall on the inside – is perfectly suited to the luxurious circumstances and persistent ominous-ness of the piece. The costumes by Valentina Sanna are exquisite. Cons: While the script itself definitely calls for heightened emotion, I found this to be over dramatised in many instances – a greater variety in delivery would have been welcome. ...

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Dead Static, Hen and Chickens Theatre

Written and directed by Steve Jordan★★★ Pros: A witty script written by a clearly talented and intelligent writer. Cons: The characters seemed a bit one dimensional; Tyler very angry, Gary very dim. Not even the more personal moments or the very end made me fully believe in the characters. Our Verdict: A quite clever and amusing script is performed relatively well in this production. Courtesy of ManMoth Productions Imagine you’re in a post-apocalyptic future where earth has been burnt asunder ...

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Julius Caesar, Donmar Warehouse

William ShakespeareDirected by Phyllida Lloyd★★★★★ Pros: The fantastic stage setting, ingenious direction, innovative lighting, creative sound, intelligent interpretation of a classic tragedy…. They are all just an amazing backdrop for this first class all-female cast. Cons: None whatsoever. It’s a great script, an amazing cast and a sensational set. Our Verdict: There are so many reasons to see this production: the extraordinary dynamic of the all-female, top drawer cast; the representation of power, loyalty and conspiracy; the fantastic detail in ...

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Unbroken Line, Ovalhouse Theatre

Jamie ZubairiDirected by Kath Burlinson★★★ Pros: A fantastic and engaging one-man performance, funny and poignant. Cons: Some higher stakes would have really sealed the deal for this piece. The incorporation of visual art into the performance was perhaps overstated somewhat. Our Verdict: An entertaining and thoughtful exploration of personal and artistic identity. Courtesy of the Ovalhouse Jamie Zubairi is a writer, painter, actor, and dancer, and in the Ovalhouse Theatre’s current upstairs production, Unbroken Line, he showcases all of his ...

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Mydidae, Soho Theatre

Jack ThorneDirected by Vicky Jones★★★ Pros: The vibrant conversation and wit between the two characters in the first half of the show was delivered perfectly. Cons: I thought David’s action two-thirds of the way through the play was unexplainable and Marian’s response equally bizarre even taking into consideration the severe sadness they’ve had in their lives. Our Verdict: An interesting concept with strong performances from the two actors. Unfortunately the characters’ histories don’t quite match up with their behaviour on ...

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Everyday Maps for Everyday Use, Finborough Theatre

Tom Morton-SmithDirected by Beckie Mills★★★★ Pros: Fascinating script and great acting. Cons: It’s a shame there is nowhere to have a drink before the show! Our Verdict: A great piece of new writing. Don’t miss this one. Courtesy of the Finborough Theatre It was with great regret that I arrived at the Finborough to find that the wine bar which used to be below the theatre has gone into administration (a less successful by-product of the Olympics we’re told). I ...

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Sleeping Beauty – Dream On, Chickenshed Theatre

David Carey and Louise PerryMusic and Lyrics by Jo Collins, David Carey, Phil Haines and Paul MorrallDirected by Louise Perry★★★★ Pros: This inclusive production of a classic fairy tale with a fun modern day twist and a panto influence truly encapsulates the spirit of the holiday season. A fun and engaging night of theatre for children and grown ups alike. Cons: The stage becomes a bit overcrowded in places, but you soon forget about this when you see everyone having ...

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The Most Incredible Nothing, Battersea Arts Centre

A Battersea Arts Centre Homegrown ProductionDirected by Neil Callaghan★★★ Pros: A creative and engaging piece all-round, and it feels good to know that it was created by young people who have obviously made a strong connection with the theatre. Cons: The content and delivery felt a bit self-indulgent at times but it was obviously coming from an honest and raw place. For the bravery alone, we can cut it some slack. Our Verdict: For a piece created in two months, ...

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Machines for Living, Battersea Arts Centre

Originally devised by Let Slip TheatreRedeveloped by Crank Theatre ★★★★ Pros: Clever, quirky, visually striking, fun, and thought-provoking. Cons: A few bits were hard to follow, and a fuller conclusion would have been welcome. Our Verdict: A great first piece for Crank Theatre; lots of fun and very smart! Courtesy of Battersea Arts Centre Crank Theatre and their inaugural production of Machines for Living at the Battersea Arts Centre this week were born from Let Slip’s original production of the ...

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