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Interview: Graeme Leak on how he Saved organs from the rubbish tip


Saved is a multi-layered, retro-mechanical music show built around rescued 70s home organs. Turned inside out, their internal spinning speakers are exposed for us to see as well as hear as Leak weaves musical joy into the surprisingly beautiful mundanity of daily life.

Along with cassettes, a turntable, AM radios and a modified whisk, Saved celebrates an analogue era where A-B-C Fun Block and One Finger Chord buttons captivated our imagination.

Written and performed by Graeme Leak
Produced by Scissor Kick

Saved is part of the Made In Scotland 2021 programme, and will be available online between 8 and 28 August from Zoo TV during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

You can book tickets to watch at any time during the festival via the below link.

Listen back to our interview with Graeme Leak, which was first broadcast on Runn Radio on 21 July. Graeme talks about the show, his collection of instruments and why he can never see any insturments go to the scrap heap.

Interview Part 1
Excerpt from They Are Moving
Interview Part 2
Shopping, an excerpt from Saved
Interview Part 3

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