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The Door, Park Theatre – Review

Cherise CrossDirected by Amy Draper★★★★ Pros: During this psychological thriller, one is never bored or frustrated at not having all the information to hand. Cons: If you like everything spelt out for you, you might find the mystery more irksome than intriguing. Our Verdict: An intelligent and thought-provoking production that takes a potentially cerebral subject matter and gives it a soul. Courtesy of 8fold theatre company The Door is the type of the play for which going into detail would ...

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Head-Rot Holiday at The Cockpit – Review

Sarah Daniels Directed by Bryn Williams ★★★ Pros: The strength of the play is in the three patients. By presenting individual stories it personalises the issue of mental health, which is otherwise too easy to ignore. Cons: A tough watch but it wouldn’t be succeeding if it didn’t make you squirm and question the judgement and treatment of such issues. Our Verdict: Written in the early 1990s it did feel a little dated. But maybe it makes for such uncomfortable ...

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Siren Song, The Lion & Unicorn Theatre – Review

Written and directed by Lisa McMullin★★★ Pros: The live music, and some strong performances, particularly in the final act. There is also fun and clever wordplay in the script, providing lightness to what is a rather grim look at love and life. Cons: If you haven’t exercised in a while, this play is a workout. Be prepared to walk up and down the stairs of the theatre, as this two-hour play has intervals a plenty. Our Verdict: It gets better ...

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Y&P, Camden People’s Theatre – Review

Part of the DYSPLA Festival Devised through the WHITEBOX Development Process  Directed by Pete Cain, Chryssanthi Kouri & Gary Thomas ★★★ Pros: Thought-provoking, with good use of projections and media.  Cons: The timings are not very clearly billed. Our Verdict: A play and festival which champions a worthwhile and thought-provoking message about the creativity of dyslexic practitioners. Courtesy of DYSPLA Y&P (formerly known as The Taliban Don’t like my Knickers) is a devised piece of theatre developed by dyslexic writers. ...

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Cell, The Cockpit – Review

Presented by Smoking Apples Theatre & Little Cauliflower Theatre Company ★★★★ Pros: Extraordinary puppetry creates a real affection for Ted and I followed his story with interest and emotion. Cons: Some slight prop mishaps disrupted the magic temporarily. Our Verdict: A refreshing and un-judgmental look at disability and the effect it has on someone’s life. Courtesy of Smoking Apples Theatre Within a maze of streets behind Marylebone station is The Cockpit Theatre. The entrance reminds me slightly of a school ...

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Good Cop Bad Cop, Moors Bar Theatre – Review

Primley Road ProductionsDirected by Adam Jarrell★★★ Pros: Some great laughs and good performances all round. Cons: Sometimes I got lost in the plot, but the laughs made up for it. Our Verdict: Very funny show, worth a see. Promising first performance. Courtesy of Primley Road Productions Stashed away in Crouch End, the Moors Bar Theatre is more of a long room with a bar at the side and a stage at the end than a traditional venue. Access to the ...

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