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Gibraltar, Arcola Theatre

Alastair Brett and Sian Evans Directed by James Robert Carson ★★★ Pros: A brave and ambitious attempt at tackling a contentious and complex subject, with a delightful performance by Karina Fernandez as the astute Rosa. Cons: At the end of two hours, the play fails to have any real impact because it is not clear what its point is. Our Verdict: The play manages to create its own identity, and the decision to tackle a controversial event in history on ...

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The Early Bird, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Leo Butler Directed by Zoe Thomas-Webb ★★ Pros: Strong, intense performances from a small cast; a minimal but thoughtful set design. Cons: An incredibly confusing script made the show nearly impossible to follow. Our Verdict: Despite a true effort, the show failed to hold my interest throughout a confusing and disjointed story line. Courtesy of KDC Theatre The Early Bird, from amateur company KDC Theatre, recently experienced a short run at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre. Always a delightful venue, ...

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Peanuts, The Last Refuge

Ashleigh Packham Directed by Adam Reeves ★★★ Pros: A very enjoyable journey following a delightfully quirky character. Cons: The scatty nature of the protagonist is just as prevalent in the play as a whole. Our Verdict: Very enjoyable and worth seeing, but it needs a bit more development as it currently leaves the audience somewhat unquenched. Courtesy of Poleroid Theatre This is a self-narration detailing the world of Anna. She’s quiet, has some rather odd habits and has a lovely ...

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The Low Road, Royal Court

Bruce Norris Directed by Dominic Cooke★★★★ Pros: This is an extremely well-written piece, commenting on current economic issues using an historical context. Polished performances and fluid set changes keep the pace and interest high.  Cons: The American accents are inconsistent and distracting. The final scene, although poignant, is a tad cheesey and the costumes in this scene prevent the important punch line from being clearly audible.  Our Verdict: Another great script from the Royal Court with high production standards. This play ...

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No Man’s Land, Blue Elephant Theatre

Presented by Glass-eye Theatre ★★★ Pros: A wonderful story line full of humanity and imagination. Cons: Alexandra Krassa’s depiction of ten year old Ailsa Thomas was unconvincing at times, preventing much of an attachment to the character. Our Verdict: A captivating performance which uses physical theatre to convincingly place you in an imaginary world. It also involves some very exciting shadow puppets. Courtesy of the Blue Elephant Theatre One of the many joys of visiting the Blue Elephant Theatre is ...

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Sing Something Simple, The Cockpit

Written and directed by Vanessa Brooks ★★★★ Pros: Beautifully written and very well performed with a great design and excellent music. Cons: I can’t think of any real drawbacks. There is a very clichéd plot twist at one point but it doesn’t spoil the fun. Our Verdict: This show is like a little ray of sunshine. A toe-tapping, knee-slapping evening of pure joy. Courtesy of Dark Horse Theatre I think we can all agree that Spring seems to be taking ...

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I Didn’t Always Live Here, Finborough Theatre

Stewart Conn Directed by Lisa Blair ★★★★ Pros: A poetic script, inspired casting and high production values make this show most enjoyable. Cons: The script works well in terms of dialogue, but loses its way as far as the plot is concerned. Our Verdict: This is a heartwarming show with very believable characters and strong direction. Courtesy of the Finborough Theatre I Didn’t Always Live Here is a tale set in Glasgow, focusing mainly on the life of Martha, an ...

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Rutherford and Son, Watford Palace Theatre

KG SowerbyDirected by Jonathan Miller★★★★ Pros: An important play, powerfully directed by Jonathan Miller, with excellent dramatic leads. Cons: Some of the secondary male characters seemed far too shallow – but then in many ways this adds to the anger against male oppression which the play explores. Our Verdict: Excellent performances, excellent direction, excellent lighting, excellent edit of the script. All in all, excellent! Courtesy of Watford Palace Theatre Rutherford and Son was written in 1912 by KG Sowerby, and first ...

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My Robot Heart, Battersea Arts Centre

Devised and performed by Molly Naylor★★★★ Pros: A sweet, honest and funny show. A very pleasant and engaging production.Cons: Although the music was a nice personal touch, it would have been great to see more interaction with the folk duo. Our Verdict: A very nice show but a short run. Keep an eye out for future shows. Courtesy of The Battersea Arts Centre Anyone who has ever been to the Battersea Arts Centre will know that it is a rather ...

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