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Happy Birthday, Wanda June, Old Red Lion Theatre

Kurt VonnegutDirected by Ant Stones★★★ Pros: A very clever script full of wit and humour, poignant moments and surrealism. The cast are versatile – I really liked the use of female actors playing male roles – and the comic timing is really good. Cons: The interpretation of a central character lacks charisma which saps the energy during an important scene in the second act. At times the dialogue was a little stiff. Our Verdict: This is a really enjoyable production ...

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Khadija is 18, Finborough Theatre

Shamser SinhaDirected by Tim Stark★★★ Pros: A brilliant and haunting ending, great performances from the female actors in particular and a noble script attempting to raise the profile of refugees. Cons: Often moments involving the male actors weren’t quite believable; dodgy accents in places didn’t help. Our Verdict: A show of two halves. It took a while for us to suspend that pesky disbelief, but the ending was tremendous. Courtesy of the Finborough Theatre Khadija is 18 marks the full-length ...

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The Snow Spider, Ovalhouse Theatre

Delyth Jones & James Lark, based on the book by Jenny NimmoDirected by Delyth Jones★★★★ Pros: A really interesting script, incredibly talented performers, and a great design. Cons: Though advertised for children, some moments came off as potentially too dark for the youngest viewers. Our Verdict: A delightful and engaging adaptation suitable for kids and mature viewers. Courtesy of the Ovalhouse Theatre In their latest production at the Ovalhouse, the Io Theatre Company has successfully intertwined children’s literature with music ...

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The Supper Party, Tabard Theatre

Alison EvansDirected by James Beedham and Eleanor Teasdale★★★ Pros: A witty script with interesting, quotable thoughts on life, art and relationships. Some very good acting too. Cons: The story lags in places and some of the acting is less than perfect. Nothing too bad though. Our Verdict: This is a show which offers plenty of laughs with a number of profound observations to add real depth to a story which is essentially about rubbish parties and vacuous people. A definite ...

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Captive Audience, Islington Metal Works

Lawenda Jones, D.M. Larson and Victoria Jane AppletonDirected by Victoria Jane Appleton★★ Pros: Really cool and quirky venue, some decent performances. Cons: Feels like the company has bitten off more than it can chew. Our Verdict: Doesn’t live up to expectations unfortunately. Courtesy of House of Tomen Productions Hallowe’en. Ah, yes, it’s that time of year again. I must say that although I love to pretend I hate Hallowe’en, there is something quite fun about it. Not the slutty costumes, ...

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