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Much Ado About Nothing, Park Theatre – Review

William ShakespeareDirected by Andrew Shepherd ★★★ Pros: A mostly appropriate concept and some excellent performances in a brand-new venue make for a lovely evening. Cons: Whilst nothing was bad about this production, it wasn’t particularly notable, either. Some of the comedy did not come across very well. Our Verdict: Whilst it was a Christmassy, well-crafted performance, there was no laugh-out-loud comedy. Overall, it was a safe production. Credit: Louisa Lewis Park 90 is an intimate thrust space in London’s newest ...

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The Door, Park Theatre – Review

Cherise CrossDirected by Amy Draper★★★★ Pros: During this psychological thriller, one is never bored or frustrated at not having all the information to hand. Cons: If you like everything spelt out for you, you might find the mystery more irksome than intriguing. Our Verdict: An intelligent and thought-provoking production that takes a potentially cerebral subject matter and gives it a soul. Courtesy of 8fold theatre company The Door is the type of the play for which going into detail would ...

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The Barrier, Park Theatre – Review

Sally Llewellyn Directed by Kirrie Wratten  ★★  Pros: The set, lighting and audio enhance the performance. The program is full of interesting reading, adding a lot of context to the show. There is a good amount of on-stage action, so the audience sees what is happening. Cons: The story is very simple, especially given the subject matter. The dialogue felt contrived, and the delivery is a bit melodramatic. Our Verdict: Conceptually this story is interesting. Unfortunately, it does not translate to ...

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Skin Tight, Park Theatre

Gary Henderson Directed by Jemma Gross ★★★★ Pros: Stand out performances and well-written dialogue that really hits home. Cons: I would have liked a little more detail on the story of their family, but it’s a really minor quibble considering the packed content of the relatively short play. Our Verdict: A strong production that expertly carries you through highs, lows, laughter and tears. Credit: Andy Colbourne The Park is a newcomer to the London theatre scene: it first opened its ...

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