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The Most Incredible Nothing, Battersea Arts Centre

A Battersea Arts Centre Homegrown ProductionDirected by Neil Callaghan★★★ Pros: A creative and engaging piece all-round, and it feels good to know that it was created by young people who have obviously made a strong connection with the theatre. Cons: The content and delivery felt a bit self-indulgent at times but it was obviously coming from an honest and raw place. For the bravery alone, we can cut it some slack. Our Verdict: For a piece created in two months, ...

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Machines for Living, Battersea Arts Centre

Originally devised by Let Slip TheatreRedeveloped by Crank Theatre ★★★★ Pros: Clever, quirky, visually striking, fun, and thought-provoking. Cons: A few bits were hard to follow, and a fuller conclusion would have been welcome. Our Verdict: A great first piece for Crank Theatre; lots of fun and very smart! Courtesy of Battersea Arts Centre Crank Theatre and their inaugural production of Machines for Living at the Battersea Arts Centre this week were born from Let Slip’s original production of the ...

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Sight is the Sense that Dying People Tend to Lose First, Battersea Arts Centre

Written and Directed by Tim Etchells★★★ Pros: A well delivered monologue with an interesting concept behind it. Cons: The occasional slip breaks the reverie. Our Verdict: Worth the detour if you fancy something a bit different. Courtesy of the BAC It was lovely seeing the Battersea Arts Centre buzzing with activity on a Friday night. The entire building was being used not only for performances, but also for book readings and exhibitions. They even had a pop-up bar serving ‘recession ...

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The Good Neighbour, Battersea Arts Centre

Intrepid Explorers Tour (Adults)Presented by the Battersea Arts Centre★★★★ Pros: A thought-provoking, inclusive and friendly production. Cons: Could perhaps have been a little shorter; at times a little unpolished. Our Verdict: Story-telling turned on its head. Certainly worth the trip down to South London! Courtesy of the BAC The Battersea Arts Centre, affectionately known as the BAC, probably doesn’t look like you’d expect it to. Based in a grade two listed Victorian town hall, it is an imposing but welcoming ...

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The Coming Storm, Battersea Arts Centre

Conceived and devised by Forced EntertainmentDirected by Tim Etchells★★★ Pros: A good concept and a magnificent venue. Cons: The execution leaves something to be desired, and makes for a rather dull show. Our Verdict: Not the best we’ve seen, but an interesting idea worth developing into something more interesting. Courtesy of Hugo Glendinning Another guilty secret of ours is that, until last week, we had never visited the famous Battersea Arts Centre, described by Lyn Gardner as being ‘one of ...

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BABEL, Caledonian Park

A collaboration between World Stages London, WildWorks and Battersea Arts Centre. ★★ Pros: An intriguing idea and parts of it work very well. It’s nice to see that ambitious, large scale projects do still get made. Definitely makes for a unique evening, even if it’s not completely you’re thing. Cons: Mud, lots of mud. And despite tremendous effort it didn’t quite come together Our Verdict: A bold idea full of good intent, but didn’t quite hit the right note Courtesy ...

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