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Surprises, Watford Palace Theatre

Written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn★★★ Pros: Strong performances, engaging characters and some good old-fashioned human drama played out in an unusual setting. Cons: The show attempts to ask, but then fails to address, questions about the future of mankind in the setting of technological development, which leaves you asking why Ayckbourn felt the need to set it when he did. Our Verdict: A talented cast fill this play with interesting characters and some fascinating drama unfurls. Shame about the ...

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Facts, Finborough Theatre

Arthur MilnerDirected by Caitlin McLeod★★★★ Pros: A strong and well written script with some great acting. Cons: The beginning of the play throws you in the deep end where you might not understand the history and background of the situation. Our Verdict: A solid script which portrays a complex geopolitical issue with simplicity, strongly supported by a great cast and effective directing. Courtesy of The Finborough Theatre An Israeli interrogation room served as the base for this play, written by ...

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Oedipus, Blue Elephant Theatre

Sophocles Directed by Ricky Dukes ★★★★ Pros: A brilliant example of how Greek Tragedy can be made relevant to the modern day, and accessible to all audiences. Cons: One or two moments of slightly “shouty” acting where more emotion could perhaps have come through. Our Verdict: This production of the famed Sophocles masterpiece is fast-paced and gritty for its entirety, ingeniously proving that the intimidating genre of Greek Tragedy is both applicable to the current day and hugely enjoyable. Courtesy ...

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Hot Property, Etcetera Theatre

Written and Directed by Matthew Randle ★★★ Pros: A funny and intriguing storyline with plenty of belly laughs. Some quirky ideas and very decent performances that will keep you happy and satisfied. Good teamwork on stage. Cons: Very simple props and staging and some rushed transitions make it feel a tad bare. Our Verdict: A very enjoyable night out with some good laughs and a satirical take on modern reality-TV obsessed society. Courtesy of OffWestEnd.Com Ever wondered what would happen ...

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Fear Of Music, Tristan Bates Theatre

Barney Morris Directed by Alice Hamilton ★★ Pros: This story of two brothers will connect with those who have siblings. It has poignant moments and some nostalgic touches. There is a decent twist and some humour as well. Cons: The dialogue is metered and hollow and the relationship between the boys lacks credibility. There are uninteresting stretches which undermine the impact of the important turning points in the script. Our Verdict: With some tightening up on the script and some ...

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Our Friends, The Enemy, New Wimbledon Studio

Alex GwytherDirected by Tom O’Brien★★★ Pros: Fantastic design coupled with a bright and enthusiastic performance based on a fascinating historical moment. Cons: The plot didn’t have much of an arc and despite an engaging performance, the script might have been better suited as a short story or full-cast production rather than a solo piece. Our Verdict: There were many great elements at play here but ultimately the dramatic presentation lacks effectiveness. Courtesy of New Wimbledon Theatre Alex Gwyther is the ...

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Kinky, Ovalhouse Theatre

Presented by 2HeadedPigeon★★★★ Pros: So much fun! Gets you thinking about a wide range of important issues in a very entertaining way. Cons: Not all theatrical devices worked and some parts aren’t clear in their meaning. Our Verdict: This show is right at the top for pure enjoyment. It is a bundle of anarchic fun which puts into the open some very important issues which rarely get discussed. Courtesy of Ovalhouse The set for this piece resembles the state of ...

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A Strange Wild Song, New Diorama Theatre

Presented by Rhum and Clay Theatre Company ★★★★ Pros: Lovely storytelling, great acting, creative use of set and props, impressive synchronicity between light, sound and performer. Cons: I found the music distracting and it jarred with the action for the most part. Our Verdict: This performance feels like a big warm hug. Underpinning the impressive technical mastery of the performers is a show which is filled with real heart and soul. Courtesy of Rhum and Clay Theatre Company Sometime around ...

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Freakoid, Ovalhouse Theatre

Emma Adams Directed by Sarah Applewhite ★★★ Pros: A clever, witty and thought-provoking play that tackles one of societies’ most disturbing interferences with individual freedoms in a funny, hilarious and utterly bonkers way. Acting is near flawless. Very good use of audiovisuals. Cons: Bare props and some needlessly prolonged scenes make it occasionally tedious, especially in the latter part. Our Verdict: A funny and enjoyable one-woman show that gives you food for thought and an insane attraction to household appliances. ...

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