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A staple for us and for many if you fancy a more traditional play. When we first started Everything Theatre it was specifically to review drama. We’ve branched out over the years, but it will always be a favourite of ours.

Two Tapes/Loose Ends, Calder Bookshop and Theatre – Review

Luis Rivera Lopez, Griselda GambaroDirected by Luis Gayol ★★  Pros: Learning about events in Argentina’s political history. Cons: The first of the two short plays is very weak and without the programme, I would not have understood the context of the play. Performances varied in quality. Our Verdict: Though this double bill raises awareness about a seldom-discussed atrocity of recent history, the plays are not strong enough to do the subject justice. Courtesy of Calder Bookshop and Theatre Theatre 4 Identity ...

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Cell, The Cockpit – Review

Presented by Smoking Apples Theatre & Little Cauliflower Theatre Company ★★★★ Pros: Extraordinary puppetry creates a real affection for Ted and I followed his story with interest and emotion. Cons: Some slight prop mishaps disrupted the magic temporarily. Our Verdict: A refreshing and un-judgmental look at disability and the effect it has on someone’s life. Courtesy of Smoking Apples Theatre Within a maze of streets behind Marylebone station is The Cockpit Theatre. The entrance reminds me slightly of a school ...

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The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure, Blue Elephant Theatre

Tiffany Wood from the Original Cervantes “Don Quixote”Directed by Ian NicholsonResearch and development by Simon Day and Aitor Basauri ★★★ Pros: Never boring, at times comical and fittingly dynamic physical theatre. Good use of Spanish accents and guitar. Fun to watch.  Cons: Limited resources inevitably dictate small crew, bare props and no visual aids. But this was a work-in-progress after all. Our Verdict: A thoroughly enjoyable hour of physical theatre, guaranteed to keep you entertained and leave in good spirits. ...

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