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Want to see who writes for us right now? Then this is the place to look. Every active reviewer can be found here, and if you click on their names, you will see all their reviews as well.

Aaron-Lee is an actor, writer and director based in West London. They are passionate about diverse and innovative small-scale theatre. Aaron has had plays performed at The Cockpit, Bread and Roses and Hen and Chickens Theatre. He cannot wait to get started on his next project. Aaron-Lee is represented by Birdston Talent Management.

Alex Hayward is a playwright, blogger, and public relations professional. Following an unsuccessful decade of novel-writing, he turned his attentions to drama and has never looked back. Outside of theatre, his interests largely revolve around music, records, and the French language - or trying to find the time to learn it.

Anna is a London-based writer and theatre maker. She is the co-founder and artistic director of early career theatre company, ‘Dirty Feet’, who make work that provokes conversation and builds community. Anna loves stories and is never far from a piece of written word - whether that be a script, poem, novel, or her journal.

Sarah saw her first place at the Young Vic Theatre on a school trip, and although she can’t remember what it was called it was enough to get her wanting to see theatre all the time! Her friends who live in the real world complain she’s always going to see a play, but when she’s not doing that you can find her attempting to salsa and dreaming of Cuba.

A journalist by day, en route to study Creative Writing at Open University. An aspiring novelist, screenwriter and playwright, B.L. Sherrington is penning a fantasy novel and co-writing a play, in between writing screenplays and short stories. B.L. first became a theatre fanatic when Mother Sherrington led the way to the Globe Theatre and it's been love ever since. Since then, Sherrington has developed an addiction to live theatre, be it plays or musicals. Whether experiencing new shows, re-watching the classic Phantom of the Opera or writing a stage production, B.L's future lives on stage.