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Camden Fringe: An Evening Of The Absurd: Are We Still Waiting for Godot?, Camden People’s Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 by Closing the Gap Theatre Company Directed by Joe Allan★★★ Pros: The piece was well-acted and certainly unique.Cons: The narrative was, at best, difficult to follow.Our verdict: It’s certainly a unique performance. Would be good for people who like unusual theatre that asks the audience to create their own conclusions. Courtesy of Closing The Gap Theatre An Evening Of The Absurd: Are We Still Waiting for Godot? certainly is what it says on the ...

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Camden Fringe: Very Still and Hard to See, Etcetera Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Steve Yokey Directed by Dan Armour ★★★ Pros: Some excellent characterisation, quite funny in parts. Cons: Weak script, choral work potential was slightly untapped. Our Verdict: The acting and witty delivery make this piece enjoyable to watch, but the concepts leave something to be desired.  Credit: Tim Hinchliffe Very Still and Hard to See combines elements of modern ghost stories with Japanese folk tales to examine the darker side of human nature. Buck Mason, ...

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and the Crowd (wept), Riverside Studios

Afsaneh GreyMusic by Erick Flores Directed by Pia Furtado★★★ Pros: Engaging, hilarious and tragic at the same time with enormous skills on stage. It definitely will get you thinking about society and morals. Cons: Direction is a bit confusing at times and the aptly orchestrated noise on stage could get on your nerves after a while. Our Verdict: A play with great potential that is more about society’s obsession with celebrities than an obsessive celebration of Jade Goody.  Courtesy of ...

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Camden Fringe: War of the Waleses, Tristan Bates Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Sarah Heenan, Alan Maddrell and Andy Marchant Directed by Sarah Heenan ★★★★ Pros: A sharp and clever script, a versatile cast who are able to bring the familiar faces from 90’s Britain to life, insightful commentary on the role of the media in British politics. Cons: None. Perhaps not quite incredible enough for the rare fifth star. Our Verdict: A time capsule of 90’s Britain which, as well being highly entertaining, also delivers a ...

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Camden Fringe: A Big Kid on a Couch, The Forge

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013 Tom Harding ★★ Pros: An interesting idea which would appeal to film-lovers. Cons: The play lacked structure and jumped between being a stand-up comedy and being a play.  Our Verdict: Some more work needs to be done to give this play a structure and an identity.  Courtesy of the Camden Fringe At some time in our lives, we have probably all related something we have seen or experienced, to something we have watched on ...

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Camden Fringe: Psycho-geography: An Exercise to Remember My Future, Etcetera Theatre

Part of Camden Fringe 2013Diana De FexDirected by Marion Pierce★★★ Pros: At times exciting and always challenging. Cons: Some glimpses of originality but too few. Our Verdict: Be prepared to be charmed by this woman whose story really packs a punch to the gut. Courtesy of Etcetera Theatre Good theatre will make you think, great theatre will leave you a changed person. On paper this autobiographical one-woman show should do both. It doesn’t. There are, however, moments of genius. Yet ...

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Don Quijote, Battersea Arts Centre

Miguel de Cervantes Tom Frankland and Keir Cooper in association with Último Comboio ★★ Pros: An original, daring and creative approach to exploring this classic novel. Cons: It’s a bit chaotic in its execution, and the story of Don Quijote is never clearly outlined. Our Verdict: Despite some nice moments, there is just too much happening in this hour-long show. Courtesy of EdFringe.com Don’t be misled by the title. This is far from a stage version of the famous Spanish ...

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Camden Fringe: Static, Etcetera Theatre

Part of Camden Fringe 2013Tom Nicholas★★ Pros: There is a story to be told in this play. With twist in the tale and some clever dramatic devices there is enough to keep the character development moving forward to its conclusion. Cons: The content is naïve and tenuous, falling short of its aim to drill down into what it meant to be under 25 in 2010. The grandiloquent language doesn’t sit well with the character and leaves him feeling disingenuous. Our ...

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Little on the Inside, Almeida Theatre

Alice BirchDirected by Lucy Morrison★★★★ Pros: Insightful play about female camaraderie in prison that is as rich as reading a book. Cons: Lack of context at the start isn’t helpful. Verdict: A powerful, moving, warm and magical piece set simultaneously in a prison and on the beach, underneath a mangrove tree. A theatrically skilful treat. Courtesy of Clean Break Little on the Inside is enormous on stage. This is a two-hander about a prison friendship between a pair of women. ...

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