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The triple-threat of music, dance and drama and another staple of the London theatre scene. There are plenty of musicals on the West End, but it’s the Off West End where you’ll find the new stuff, so don’t be afraid to jump in!

The Romford Rose, Queens Theatre Hornchurch – Review

Pros: A new fusion of British and Western unlike anything currently showing, with a strong multitalented band Cons: The plot is erratic and overdramatic with few props and little set to aid it. Some of the jokes are distasteful Queens Theatre, Hornchurch boasts a beautiful auditorium and a large, spacious stage. With a light-bulb lined border and giant, floating Dolly Parton head, it sure looks the part for a country musical. Unfortunately the band takes up most of the stage, leaving ...

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The Great American Trailer Park Musical, Waterloo East Theatre – Review

Pros: Strong ensemble, original score, great direction  Cons: The band was far too loud in parts, and drowned out the cast Anything that has the words ‘trailer’ and ‘park’ in it will always get my vote as I love a bit of trash. I’m also fond of musicals, so when I heard that The Great American Trailer Park Musical was having its London premiere I grabbed my wife-beater vest, a can of Bud, and ran to get a ticket. Currently on ...

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The Sins Of Jack Saul, Above The Stag – Review

Pros: A fascinating and funny play in a tight, intimate venue, hidden under the Vauxhall Arches. Cons: For some, even if the subject matter doesn’t put you off, the rumbling of the trains overhead might just. Some plays just make no sense on paper. Who sits down thinking, “I know, let’s turn my biography of a barely known nineteenth-century homosexual prostitute into a play, and better yet, let’s make it a musical”? Thankfully, though, that seems just the thought process ...

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