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Camden Fringe 2022

We’re big supporters of Camden Fringe, which this year runs between 1 and 28 August. You can check out their online brochure here.

We’ll be covering as many shows as we can, plus we’re dedicating most of our interviews and podcasts over August to shows playing at the festival. We’ve also issues a Special Edition of our newsletter with lots of recommendations. If you want to receive our weekly newsletter, you can sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

And you can find the newsletter online here.

You can find all our Camden Fringe coverage, including reviews, interviews and podcasts listed here. Keep checking back as we add more content.

But until then, here are some of the shows taking part that you might want to check out. These have all been kind enough to show support to ET this summer, so we reckon they are worth grabbing a ticket to.


Camden People’s Theatre, 11 – 14 August, Tickets here

Amelia Gann’s debut comedy is a fever dream of iconic pop soundtracks, childhood dance shows and suburban village life – so strap in for a show that’s messy, camp, desperate, confused, entitled and kind of scary.


Hen and Chickens Theatre, 12 – 14 August. Tickets here.

With an all-female cast and a soundtrack of 00s hits, step into the high-pressure world of the London financial district, and experience Thomas Hardy’s greatest tragic novel as you’ve never seen it before.


Etcetera Theatre, 22 & 28 August. Tickets here.

A bin man swaps steel-toed boots for stilettos to chase his dream of becoming a drag queen… But can he overcome inflexible hamstrings, an anti-woke boyfriend and the cost-of-living crisis in his quest to be crowned Miss Stoke?

When life gives you garbage, make it gorgeous.

Mrs Green

Etcetera Theatre, 24 & 25 August. Tickets here

A unique multilingual journey starts in London when Mrs Green finds a suitcase. A funny and thought-provoking exploration of Brexit and Europe.

No need to know all the languages to follow the story and understand.

Cooking With Microphones

Canal Cafe Theatre, 27 & 28 August. Tickets here

This one woman play has absolutely nothing to do with cooking; it’s about finding your voice and saying the difficult stuff out loud as the seams of your existence slowly, but noticeably start to unpick.

Do You Remember The First Rhyme?

Musuem of Comedy, Saturday 27 August. Tickets here.

The true story of Lisa O’Hare who despite a childhood filled with books, lyrics and imagination lost her creative spark for a decade, or two. She rediscovered it in her 40s with a bang as she explains in this heart-warming show filled with humour and poetry.