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Lean, Tristan Bates Theatre

Isley Lynn Directed by Chelsea Walker ★★★★ Pros: Brave and faultless performances in a show that addresses a tricky subject, helped by the seemliest script. Cons: None myself, although some may find it difficult to watch the violent scenes at the end of the play. Our Verdict: Look in your diary. Find a spare 90 mins. Get yourself to the Tristan Bates Theatre. A brave and bold script which deserves not to be passed over just because of the subject ...

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Who is Moloch?, Press Play House

Pamela Carralero Directed by Zuri Warren  ★★★ Pros: An intelligent script with an interesting look at human rights, environmental issues and the military. Cons: The script is far too large and cinematic to be performed in a freezing shoebox theatre in Hackney. Our Verdict: This clever show felt cramped and stifled by a space which cannot provide the stage, lighting, sound or special effects required to make this truly effective. Credit: Harriet Armstrong for Encompass Productions Situated on Vyner Street, ...

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Sour Lips, Ovalhouse Theatre

Omar El-Khairy Directed by Carissa Hope Lynch ★★★★ Pros: A story delivered in a mesmerising social media context with a wonderful twist. The strong central performances are enjoyable and the discussion of sexuality, religion and politics is gently confrontational. Cons: May not be relevant to those not so conversant with social media. The in-the-round staging poses some issues with delivering the dialogue clearly to all audience members. Our Verdict: This is a very contemporary drama in every way. It is ...

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Twelfth Night, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

William ShakespeareDirected by Rae Mcken★★★ Pros: The spoken text is crystal clear while the modern day setting, with mobile phones and such, makes the Bard’s renaissance comedy relevant and accessible to present day audiences. Cons: The small space could barely contain the heightened action of the story and an occasionally overcrowded stage distracted from an otherwise polished production.Our Verdict: This is an entertaining production, successfully showcasing a talented young cast and proving, once again, the relevance and accessibility of classics in ...

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The Human Being’s Guide to Not Being a Dick about Religion, Canal Café Theatre

Matt ThomasDirected by Sarah Elaine Stewart★★★★ Pros: A well-researched, funny performance which balances serious discussion of religious views with lots of good humour.Cons: Sometimes the performer looked a little uncomfortable on the stage. Our Verdict: A refreshingly non-aggressive look at religion which felt thoroughly well-researched, considered and balanced. Courtesy of Canal Cafe Theatre If you’re a regular to this blog or if you’ve read anything else by my fellow reviewers, you may have noticed that we are generally a nice bunch of ...

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The Turn of the Screw, Almeida Theatre

Based on the novella by Henry James Adapted by Rebecca Lenkiewicz Directed by Lindsay Posner ★★★★ Pros: A top class show with terrific production values, brilliant character development, extraordinary performances and genuinely terrifying horror effects. Cons: I have no issue with the production itself, however, the novella, written in 1898, suffers from decades of screen imitations, making a once original plot seem clichéd at times. Our Verdict: Everything about this play is top notch from the stunning set and wonderful ...

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Win tickets to see Romeo and Juliet! – Closed

Good news theatre fans: we’re giving away some free theatre tickets again! This time, we’ve teamed up with Hiraeth Artistic Productions to give you a chance to win two tickets to see their production of Romeo and Juliet at The Gatehouse in Highgate, London. The tickets are valid for any performance between 6-10 February 2013.  As always with our competitions, there are absolutely no catches. We’re not going to sell your data to any third parties and we’re not going to ...

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The Tempest, Watford Palace Theatre

William Shakespeare Directed by James Williams ★★★ Pros: A high-energy, creative take on Shakespeare for the whole family. Cons: Drastic script cuts sometimes lead to confusion. Our Verdict: A family-friendly, mostly accessible version of Shakespeare with a multi-talented cast and a clever design. Courtesy of Watford Palace Theatre It’s no secret that Shakespeare can be difficult and inaccessible to modern audiences – and not just for young people who are still mastering language and poetry, but for the rest of ...

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Port, National Theatre

Simon StephensDirected by Marianne Elliott★★★★ Pros: A brilliantly acted performance of a gritty, interesting and rather excellent script, complete with a refreshingly optimistic ending. Cons: Very few. It dragged a tiny bit in the middle, but this is a show which very narrowly missed out on the fifth star! Our Verdict: A tip-top show from the National, and one of my favourite Lyttelton productions to date. No excuses to miss it – there are plenty of £12 tickets available! Courtesy ...

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One Festival, The Space

A showcase of monologues ★★ Pros: A great platform for new work, and a real mixture of different genres and tones. Cons: The four shows together make the evening quite long, and some scripts that would benefit from further workshopping. Our Verdict: A nice and worthwhile survey of different styles of theatrical work and a peek into some upcoming talent, but not fully polished and a bit lengthy. Courtesy of The Space Programme B Deirdre and Me, Rachael Halliwell  Woman ...

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