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Shall we just forget about 2020?

Welcome to 2021! We're fairly sure, like us, you won't miss 2020 too much; it turned out quite strange didn't it? Whilst this year is starting off much like most of last year, in lockdown, we can only hope that it's not for too long. Of course, it does mean theatres have once again had to close the curtains, so in the meantime, we plan to focus on what you can see online. And as this is the first newsletter of the year, we will take a glimpse back at the great stuff we did manage in 2020.

Online@theSpaceUK Season 2

Last August theSpaceUK hosted a full festival's worth of online shows to replace their usual EdFringe offering. They've now put together a second season, again all free to watch, to get us through what otherwise was looking likely to be a very quiet January. It begins this Friday, with all shows remaining online until 31 January. And let's be honest, we haven't much else to do, so why not dip in and discover something new?
We've picked out a few shows we plan to watch, but you can see the full line-up, as well as access the streams from Friday, at the below link.
happily ever after

Happily Ever After

Anything billed as “cringeworthy” grabs our attention, so we’re hoping this show delivers on that promise. A mockumentary following bride-to-be Jasmin as she organises her big day with Wedding Planners Frank and Gary. We all know it's inevitable things won't go too well!

Four Minute Warning

For those of us of a certain age the phrase “four-minute warning” certainly holds sinister meaning. Quintuple L offer us a show about Malcolm and Arthur, two men who are waiting to press the button and give that warning to the world. It certainly looks interesting to see where they go with that idea.
same rain

The Same Rain That Falls on Me

From York DramaSoc, this 40-minute tale follows Alice, who has travelled home to say an untimely goodbye. We reckon it has the potential to be a powerful piece of theatre, exploring its themes of family, grief and finding home in the uncertainty – something we can probably all relate to at the moment.


Three Chairs and a Hat have two shows in the line-up (the other being Three Stages). Both sound like they will be worth watching, but it’s Hags that we plan to check out first. It is a taster for Nia Williams’ new musical Lady M, a show loosely based on Lady Macbeth, about an online life coach with a dodgy past. Whilst this animated offering is just a preview, we have to admit we can’t wait for the full show.

Everything Theatre in 2020

Considering how much of 2020 saw theatres closed, we were pleasantly surprised to realise ET still managed to review 158 shows; a mix of in-person and online. We decided though it was a little futile to do our usual best of's and Reggies (our very unofficial and undemocratic end of year awards), given so few of us had seen as many shows as normal last year. Instead we made a little video highlighting the important numbers, and then we took a look back at the 15 shows to have received the full five stars from our reviewers. You can see both over on our Twitter timeline.

We couldn't let this pass us by

An image of...
Hard to believe it's been five years since David Bowie left us. Whilst it is his music we remember most, it's impossible to forget Lazarus, the musical he co-wrote and which features many of his classic songs. The great news is you can catch Lazarus online for three nights from 8-10 January. If you didn't see this show when it played in London, it is just what you would expect from this icon - full of wonderful music and as surreal as The Man Who Fell To Earth, the film starring Bowie, which the musical is loosely based around.

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