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Wait, what happened to the summer? It seems only yesterday we were talking about Edinburgh and the virtual Fringe: we turn our backs for five minutes and suddenly we’re looking at October just ahead of us!

It's also been a month since we last sent you a newsletter, which means we have plenty of new content for you. We've got reviews for both online and live shows, including our first show back in a real theatre. We hope that isn't the last for a while. As well as the reviews, we've been busy interviewing people who we really think have a story to tell, so do check them out.

As well as the latest news about theatres re-opening, please do take a moment to look at our latest Twitter poll, which this time is about our fundraising options: we really want to grow Everything Theatre and to do so we could honestly do with your help.
There are a number of new reviews since our last edition, including our first indoor theatre trip since February. Of course online shows still dominate, so there's plenty to get your teeth into.

Woyzeck, Theatro Technis

Review by Tate Miller

In a time of constantly changing policies, bleak uncertainty and social distancing, it brings a little chink of light to see Londoners returning to our theatres.

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Woyzeck, Theatro Technis - Review

Puppetry at the Pop-up Palladium

Puppetry at the Pop-up Palladium, Online – Review
Review by Mary Pollard

Excellent content but a rather confused show structure.

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The Boss of It All

Review by Polly Allen

‘We have placed ourselves in the hands of the great God Zoom’.

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The Boss of It All, Online - Review

Elephant's Graveyard

Elephant's Graveyard, online - Review
Review by Rob Warren

A slickly presented online offering that makes you yearn to be back in a real theatre.

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Pinocchio Gets Wood, the Online Adult Panto

Review by Emily Pulham

A fun, cheery and very adult way to spend an evening immersed in laughter and song.

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Pinocchio Gets Wood, the Online Adult Panto, Guildford Fringe Festival - Review

Like No Tomorrow: An Apocalypse Anthology

Like No Tomorrow: An Apocolypse Anthology, Online - Review
Review by Brian Penn

A collection of thought-provoking and occasionally chilling visions of the future.

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As You Like It, The New Normal Festival

Review by Mike Carter

The most precious of gifts in the current climate – hope for theatre’s future.

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As You Like It, The New Normal Festival - Review (2)
As you Like It, The New Normal Festival - Review
Review by Gabriel Wilding

So, we somehow managed to send two reviewers to the same show, but it's interesting to see two different takes on the same thing.

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From chatting about London's newest theatre venue to the making of a Zoom show, we've covered a range of topics with our latest interviews. Take a look and do let us know if you or someone you know may have an interview idea we'd be interested in.

Matt Steinberg tells us about Outside Edge, a theatre company working with addictions

Outside Edge is a group focused on improving the lives of people affected by any form of addiction.

This is one of the longest interviews we have published for some time, but trust us, it is well worth investing some time in.

Read the full interview here
Interview: Matt Steinberg tells us about Outside Edge, a theatre company working with addictions

How Keeley Lane zoomed to the top of the beanstalk

Interview: How Keeley Lane zoomed to the top of the beanstalk.
Buglight Theatre's Keeley Lane on making a show for Zoom during lockdown.

Read the full interview here

Meet the Just Us League

Meet "the UK’s premiere nerd comedy twosome" as they prepare to take their latest show MCUsical to Watford Fringe. If you can't get to Watford you can live stream it too.

Read the full interview here
Interview: Meet the Just Us League

Welcome to London's newest venue

Interview: Welcome to London's newest venue
You would think that the midst of a pandemic might not be an ideal time to open a brand new theatre, but that is exactly what is about to happen in Camberwell, South London.

Read the full interview here

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This week's Twitter poll

Last month we asked you about the Edinburgh Fringe and nearly two thirds of you told us you've been in the past and hope to go again. That's fantastic to hear! Maybe we can all meet for coffee there next year.

As we mentioned earlier, we're really interested to know which ways you would ever consider supporting ET in growing and offering more support to theatre, not just in London, but around the country too. You can find our two-part poll by clicking the button below.

Where can you see live theatre soon then?

We're really excited to see some theatres reopening. Of course, everything is subject to change in these very uncertain times, but fingers crossed the below will go ahead. Maybe you might want to go along and support one or two of them?

Six The Musical

It's always great when a show that started its life on the Fringe goes large. We gave Six all 5 stars when we reviewed it back in 2018, so it's wonderful to see how it has grown, and even better that it is going to be one of the first post-lockdown shows. If you are booking, please do consider using our link, as we get a small commission if you do.
SIX 2019 photography by Eleanor Howarth. Jarneia Richard- Noel, Vicki Manser, Natalie Paris, Danielle Steers, Courtney Bowman, Alexia McIntosh

Educating Rita @ The Rose Theatre

educating rita
The Rose is an amazing venue, certainly bigger than many we attend, and it serves such a vital role to Kingston and the surrounding communities. They have announced a range of new live shows, including Educating Rita, starring Stephen Tompkinson. There is also comedy, and then Stick Man at Christmas for the younger ones. If you are in the Kingston area, please do give them your support.

Dante’s In Furlough

The Vaults is planning to open its doors again with a brand new Covid-friendly show from 15 October. And surely The Vaults, those caves beneath Waterloo Station, are just made for Dante? We always suspected they were a lot more sinister than they ever let on anyway.

It certainly looks one for those who love their immersive experiences, promising that "for you to progress further, you’re going to have to lie, betray and cheat to beat the Devil at his own game, making your way through each circle of Hell; becoming his worst men, maids and all round rascals, in earning your seat at his wedding table."

The Last Five Years @ Southwark Playhouse

Southwark Playhouse is one of the first to have announced their re-opening and another venue we're proud to support.

This musical follows the two partners in a relationship, but one tells their story in reverse, starting at the breakup, the other begins, well, at the beginning.

Shows @ The Space

I think it's safe to say we highlight The Space pretty regularly. And quite rightly so: for such a small and lovely little building, they punch greatly above their weight.

They are just about to reopen their doors with a series of shows, and we really hope you'll find the time to take a look. We don't want to pick favourites, but we have to admit to loving the title to one: How To Survive The Cherpocalypse.

Until next time

We couldn't let this pass us by...

We do get some weird and wonderful things in our inbox, most of which are usually quickly deleted. But when there's an email entitled "Great Scott! Playmobil and Back to the Future countdown to Christmas", admit it, like us you'd immediately be checking it out. So behold, possibly the greatest Advent calendar you could ever wish for. Click the picture to see more.

Of course, this is really just a sneaky way to remind you that Back to the Future is coming to the stage next year, and if you book via our link, you'll be helping us raise a few extra pennies.

Until next time

This is now the fourth edition since we relaunched our newsletter so we really hope you enjoy seeing what we've been up to and what is happening within the theatre scene. As always your support is really important to us, and even more so as we look to grow into 2021. Suggestions are always welcome, just email us at Please do share this with others who you think may enjoy it, or better yet, encourage them to sign up on our website to receive it directly.

For now, be safe, wear a mask and enjoy some theatre.
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