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A day later than normal, but here for your delight is a round up of ET's past week, all the reviews, interviews and podcast that we've published. Plus some info on a few shows you might want to check out during October.

Mashing It Up With Freddie

Freddie Hayes chats about her show Potatohead. After a successful EdFringe run, she's back with her potato suit and more potato puns than are surely healthy.Hear about the shows origins, why she found herself crying in her potatoskin one night in Edinburgh, and why in Freddie's case, having a chip on her shoulder is quite literal. Read more
Podcast: Mashing It Up With Freddie

Shows to See

last sales conference of the apocalypse waterloo east theatre
the road to yecora

All our latest reviews

The Coral

Finborough Theatre

Written over 100 years ago, The Coral addresses themes of wealth, poverty and worker exploitation. The Millionaire is told that ‘the endless stockpiling of wealth by individuals is a scandal’. Good thing we got passed that as a society isn’t it. Read the full review.
Adam Woolley and Stuart Laing in The Coral

Last Sales Conference of The Apocalypse

Waterloo East

Review: Last Sales Conference of The Apocalypse, Waterloo East
There is plenty to make this show worth an evening of your time. Uppermost is Julia Zlotnick’s choreography set to some delightful and vareid musical numbers. Some of the ensemble pieces are wonderful; rich with content that had me grinning with pleasure. Read the full review.


Marylebone Theatre

Don’t see this if you are looking for a lightweight evening. But if you are ready to see some proper, meaty and dialogue-heavy theatre, you’d be silly to not add Dmitry to your list. Read the full review.
Review: Dmitry, Marylebone Theatre

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Rose Theatre Kingston

The Company of The Caucasian Chalk Circle at Rose Theatre
Everything, in fact, is strong. Can I fault costumes, set design, lighting or sound? Not a bit. Why, then, do I seem unwilling to rave more? It’s because, and I’m conscious you might be here as a form of escapism, so apologies, but the world appears to be on fire. Read the full review.

The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore
Charing Cross Theatre

This production has been updated to a modern-day setting, although that seems simply the introduction of mobile phones and tablets as props. The script itself hasn’t been updated to match. A long-distance call made on a mobile gets reported by a telephone company in one scene! Read the full review.
Review: The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore, Charing Cross Theatre

Growing Pains
The Hope Theatre

Review: Growing Pains, The Hope Theatre
we’re left with a clear reminder of just how devastating it can be when you are unable to receive adequate help when you are suffering. And there is a hardy shout of ‘don’t give up’ which tugs wonderfully at the heart strings. Read the full review.

Only An Octave Apart
Wilton's Music Hall

Some people are just meant to be on stage. Justin Vivian Bond and Anthony Roth Costanzo are two prime examples of this. Both are effervescent, their passion and enjoyment for performing is contagious. Read the full review.
Review: Only An Octave Apart, Wilton's Music Hall

Recent Interviews

Fury By Name, Not By Nature

"I had a problem connecting with my characters sometimes and just thought it was about me. Then when I started to work professionally and got to work with queer characters for the first time I noticed a massive difference because they instantly made so much sense to me." Read the full interview.
Interview: Fury By Name, Not By Nature

When Willows Turn to Wilton's

Interview: When Willows Turn to Wilton's
"The distressed walls and stone floors make them feel like they are watching a show in the past – even if it’s super contemporary, which is a gift for staging classic and period pieces like Box or Willows."

Read the full interview.

We Want To Know Much More

"People often think that we must be extremely aligned in terms of taste and vision in order to create shows in this way, but that’s actually not the case... we have very different theatrical universes, and there is a constant push and pull between the four of us." Read the full interview.
Interview: We Want To Know Much More
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