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The VAULT Festival Special No 2

We're well into the VAULT Festival now, with so many amazing shows been and gone, and so many more still to come. Hopefully you've had the chance to see a show or two as well, and maybe planning another trip along in the next few weeks? So we thought another little round up was in order.

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The Wedding Speech is a dramatic comedy about co-dependency and toxic parenting. It explores a toxic bond between a glamorous and critical mother and her long-suffering daughter. The Wedding Speech stars Princess Donnough as Rosemary. Written by Cheryl May Coward-Walker and Directed by Simone Watson-Brown.

The Wedding Speech will be performed at the VAULT Festival from Tuesday 21 February to Friday 24 February at 8:15pm. Grab tickets here.
Rat King. Kelly wants change.The world is a big place that she’s desperate to explore, so she's preparing to run away.

Jack is living on the streets, life's hard for him but he's surviving.

Kelly meets Jacko and they are catapulted into a journey that will change their lives forever.

Rat King performs at the VAULT Festival from Tuesday 28 February to Sunday 5 March. Tickets available here.
Embark on a journey of sexual awakening with adult virgin and Marriage Guidance Counsellor, Stacy. Small boobs, imaginary kinks and sexy foreign men are packed together in this fast-paced, all-female, multi-rolling comedy, brought to you by Award-Winning Theatre Company: Thistle & Rose. Lovers of ‘Miranda’ – this one’s for you.

Beneath A Cups plays at VAULT Festival on Saturday 25 February (7:10pm) and Sunday 26 February (2:50 and 7:10pm). Tickets available here.

Recent VAULT Reviews

The Benefits of Disabled Sex ★★★★

Review: The Benefits of Disabled Sex, VAULT Festival
This is not a tale about sex; it is an uplifting and positive reflection on growing up, on acceptance and realising that life is tough for everyone, and that just because you might not look vulnerable, you can still be struggling in your own way. Read the full review here.

Boorish Trumpson ★★★★★

Review: Boorish Trumpson, VAULT Festival
Parry really is an incredible performer. Her Lecoq training shines through in her every movement, as she glides around the stage, all arms and legs and floppy blonde locks, instructing us to do her bidding with little more than a flick of her wrist and a nod of her head. Read the full review here.

Crying Into Bins ★★★

Review: Crying Into Bins, VAULT Festival
Crying into Bins in its present form is a series of short, often amusing, sometimes shocking, tales that do work well as things stand. It’s certainly a show many of us will be able to relate to. Read the full review here.

The Whoreing Twenties ★★★

Review: The Whoreing Twenties, VAULT Festival
The Whoreing Twenties is a clever tribute to the trials and tribulations of 20’s dating, with content matter that is both ridiculous and relatable. Energy was high and I left feeling equal parts entertained and validated. Read the full review here.

On The Line ★★★

Review:On The Line, VAULT Festival
The set is no more than a white light-up panel and a couple of chairs, so it is great credit to the actors and the writing that they manage to conjure up settings as varied as the view of London from Hampstead, a pristine kitchen and a grubby pool. Read the full review here.

Quench ★★★

Review: Quench, VAULT Festival
It is the acting and facial expressions that make this play such fun to watch. Each of the characters portrays a distinct personality that shines through, with genuine fears and expectations that we have all experienced in our lives. Read the full review here.

Hexenhammer ★★★★

Review: Hexenhammer, Vault Festival
It’s silly and funny, but it’s also intellectual and hard hitting, which is not a balance many can achieve. Among all the jokes and physical humour, Hexenhammer lays bare how far we haven’t come since the days women were burnt at the stake. Read the full review here.

Death Suits You ★★★★

Review: Death Suits You, VAULT Festival
Switching between the comedic and sombre tones of this show so quickly and frequently in the space of the hour is a risk, but it is clear that whilst this is a dark comedy we are not laughing directly at the tragedies. Read the full review here.

We also recommend...

It's A Motherf**king Pleasure

21 - 26 February

“Blindness isn’t sexy… yet.”

Blind talent manager Tim desperately tries to make disability the next cultural cachet in a satire of the monetisation of identity politics.

Book here.

I Was A German

21 - 24 February

When Clare reclaims her grandad Heinz’s German citizenship, 75 years after it was stolen, she uncovers his wild true story. But he gave it up – is it really hers to take?

A vivid account of one Jewish refugee trying to find his way home, and his granddaughter trying to find her roots.

Book here.

The Unicorn

21 - 26 February

Shortly after Andrea is fired from her job, she finds herself overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and depression. She attempts to combat her loneliness through casual sex, but what starts as a distraction, soon threatens to take over her life.

Book here.

Recent Interviews

Caligura And The Sea

Caligula and the Sea
I’d say this version of Caligula is an anti-hero whose motivations probably don’t line up with our morality. So on top of being an interesting and complex character, I think his attitude, actions, and mistakes toward power, love, and the co-existence with nature in this play have kept us thinking about the relevance of his story to our world today in rehearsals. Read the full interview here.


Interview: By Recommendation of Fringe Royalty
Ironically, I studied History and I’m usually a real stickler when it comes to details, but this show certainly isn’t based in historical fact nor any reality we would recognise. It’s part myth, part memoir and part coming-of-age Netflix original series. (Netflix just doesn’t know it yet.) Read the full interview here.

Someone of Significance

Interview: Finding Love In The Most Unexpected Places
I was very intrigued by the rise of younger activist politicians as well as by a growing trend in business leaders that saw themselves as drivers of social change. Read the full interview here.
There are still so many amazing shows to come at this year's festival, so we do hope you're planning to check some out. And maybe we've given you a little incentive to choose some of the above shows.

With another month to go, we're planning a third VAULT Festival newsletter soon. But if going underground for your theatre isn't your thing, do remember there is still plenty to see elsewhere. Check our website to see what else we've been watching outside of the Vaults.
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