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The VAULT Festival

We're just reaching the end of week two for the VAULT Festival 2023, and it's so far been a storming success. Ok, maybe their time keeping is a little out, but hey, that's the joys of such a packed schedule. We've already seen plenty of shows and loved almost every one of them. And we're also squeezing in as many interviews as we possibly can to highlight some of the shows that have grabbed our attention. So we thought it was time to do our first little round up of it all for you.

So read on for some of our recent interviews, reviews, a few recommendations of shows still to come, plus a special offer on tickets for All By Myself.

Podcast: Getting A Little Power Crazed

Claire Parry joined us on our Runn Radio show to talk about her show Boorish Trumpson, where she plays a power-grabbing rehearsal conductor. Whoever could she be basing that upon we wonder? You can find out more by listening to our podcast here
Podcast: Getting A Little Power Crazed

Recent Interviews

We've tried to do as many interviews as we can to help support and highlight some of what we reckon will be ones to watch at this year's festival. Here's some that are yet to play, so you can still go along to see the shows soon. There are many other interviews you can find on our site, just head on over for the full range.

(In) Good Spirits

(In Good Spirits) VAULT Festival
"(In) Good Spirits asks: what happens to ghosts when the haunted house comes down?"

Playing 18 and 19 February. Read the full interview here

It's A Motherf**king Pleasure

FlawBored, from left to right: Sam, Chloe and Aarian. Sam, a white man with a shaved head and short ginger beard is wearing a brown jacket and light blue shirt. He is frowning at the camera and holding fragile tape which is tangled all over his body. Chloe, a white woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is wearing a blue shirt. She is holding the roll of fragile tape and smiling at the camera. Aarian, a Middle Eastern man with thick black hair and a shaved face is wearing a maroon shirt and white t-shirt. He stands with his hands on his hips looking despairingly towards the camera. The background is a background with distorted text and pink and teal scribbles.
"The show is an irreverent, dark comedy that pokes fun at the knots we tie ourselves into trying to do “the right thing” when it comes to access."

Playing 21 - 26 February. Read the full interview here


Molka Vault Festival
"Molka started with a conversation between Maja and Taeyun, sharing their experiences as women in different societies, growing up in different cultures. During one of these conversations the topic of molka crimes emerged."

Playing 7 - 9 February. Read the full interview here

Far Out

Interview: Set Course For Far Out!
"The characters just exist as they are, and in the mad universe they live in, their sexuality isn’t an issue. Which is a relief because there’s a lot of other issues to deal with, like the end of the world and all that."

Plays 14 - 18 February. Read the full interview here

£10 special Ticket Offer

It’s the end of the world and everyone has left the internet. With disaster around the corner, one female vlogger must use every DIY solution, home-made avocado based beauty hack and mindfulness technique she knows to live her best life before it hits.

Bo Burnham’s Inside meets Zoella in this movement-led solo show featuring onstage video editing. A surprising, tension-filled peek into the off-camera life of an influencer who has no idea you are watching directed by Jessica Bickel-Barlow and produced by Offie-nominated theatre company Part of the Main.

The show plays from Tuesday through to Sunday (Start times vary, check the website for full details)

You can grab yourself £10 tickets for the show this week by using the code "MYSELF10" at the checkout here. (Note this code is an external offer and we cannot guarentee that tickets will be available under this offer.)

We Also Recommend

There are so many shows on that we couldn't possibly find the time to chat to all of them. So here are a few that we've not been able to interview, but which we reckon are worth checking out.

Side FX

10 - 12 Febraury

Join Katie for a camp, chaotic cabaret about the Pill. And Vampires.

With musical comedy, poetry, games and sci-fi, your doctor awaits you. Exploring all things hormonal, from the delightful to the unexpectedly dark, this is PhD research as you’ve never seen it before. Book here.
Ultra tweaked image

I Was A German

21 - 24 February

When Clare reclaims her grandad Heinz’s German citizenship, 75 years after it was stolen, she uncovers his wild true story. But he gave it up – is it really hers to take?

A vivid account of one Jewish refugee trying to find his way home, and his granddaughter trying to find her roots.

Book here.
the unicorn

The Unicorn

21 - 26 February

Shortly after Andrea is fired from her job, she finds herself overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and depression. She attempts to combat her loneliness through casual sex, but what starts as a distraction, soon threatens to take over her life.

Book here.

Our Favourite VAULT Festival Shows so far

Unfortunetly with such short runs all these shows have now finished their time at VAULT Festival, but we suspect many of them will reappear again elsewhere during the year. So why not have a read and then keep an eye out for new dates.

Post Sex Spagbol

Review: Post Sex Spagbol, VAULT Festival
A polished yet chaotically comical and unapologetically candid exploration of the difficulties of modern womanhood. Read the review here


Review: Sad-Vents, VAULT Festival
A visually impressive performance that enhances the experience as we watch a woman struggle with the fact she is in an unhealthy abusive relationship. Read the review here

In Clay

Review: In Clay, VAULT Festival
A heartfelt, charming new musical with catchy and innovative songs and an astounding one person performance. Read the review here

Siapa Yang Bawa Melayu Aku Pergi?

Review: Siapa Yang Bawa Melayu Aku Pergi? Vault Festival
A surprisingly moving portrayal of culture, race and language. It is informative and ingenious, and a privilege to watch. Read the review here


Butchered VAULT Festival
Expial Atrocious uses a dazzling combination of physicality, absurdity and a pitch-black script to transport the audience to Master Sausage’s kitchen where dreams come to work, eat, sleep and then die. Read the review here

All In Good Time

Review: All In Good Time, VAULT Festival
A joyful show that takes relaxed performance to a whole new level in its efforts to welcome a neurodiverse audience. It sometimes makes little sense but still leaves a wonderful glow of contentment come the end. Read the review here
We do hope something has taken your interest, do let us know if you go along and see any of these shows. We aim to do another VAULT Festival round up in a couple of weeks time, but in the meantime, do keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on everything else we've seen or interviewed.
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