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Immersing Ourselves in The West with CoLab

Charlotte and Bertie of CoLab Theatre chat to us about new immersive show, The West. Your chance to put on your cowboy hat and become a member of a frontier town.

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Podcast: Immersing Ourselves in The West with CoLab

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Letters, Jack Studio, 26 - 29 July

Letters creates a world that is devoid of the transitory nature of instant messaging and brings back the nostalgic era of writing letters. It reminds us that some connections are so pure that they have the power to transcend time and distance.

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The Happiest Place on Earth
Lion and Unicorn Theatre


Plenty of potential, but falls short of exploring the deeper aspect of pent up feelings, and arrives at the ‘Disney’ ending all too suddenly.

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Review: The Happiest Place on Earth, Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Give Me The Sun, Blue Elephant Theatre

Review: Give Me The Sun, Blue Elephant Theatre
Two wonderful performances make this family drama about what we leave behind an engrossing hour of theatre.

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Sh!t-faced Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Leicester Square Theatre

With a revolving cast and a different drunk each night, Sh!t-faced Shakespeare Presents: Romeo and Juliet feels like one to return to several times over.

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Review: Sh!t-faced Presents Romeo and Juliet, Leicester Square Theatre

Sorry We Didn't Die at Sea
Seven Dials Playhouse

Review: Sorry We Didn't Die at Sea, Seven Dials Playhouse
ldrovandi’s script is ambitious, darkly funny and absurd. It leaves us with an extremely memorable night.

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Ants, Etcetera Theatre

Ants presents the peak of corporate cliché in a hilarious and energetic piece of theatre, but some of its weightier, more moving, punches fail to land.

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Review: Ants, Etcetera Theatre

Duck, Jermyn Street Theatre

Review: Duck, Jermyn Street Theatre
Far from failing to score, Duck entertainingly explores the world of cricket and national identity through the eyes of a South Asian teenage batsman.

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Love! Valour! Compassion!, Bridewell Theatre

A faithful recreation of Terrence McNally’s Tony award winning play, with strong standout performances and poignant moments. Some updating would make it more inclusive for the wider, non-white gay community.

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Review: Love! Valour! Compassion!, Bridewell Theatre
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