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Issue 1: A Strange New Landscape

Welcome to the all new Everything Theatre Newsletter

It's been a while since we last published a newsletter, And with theatreland currently dark, this may not be the best time to re-introduce one. Then again, maybe it's the perfect time. It means we can share with you some of the online theatre currently available and ensure we're all still thinking about theatre, even if we can't physically be there right now.

In this opening edition, you'll find some of our recent reviews for online theatre that is still available to watch, plus we'll highlight a few other things on our radar right now.

We do hope you'll find something of interest, and if you think there are shows or items we might want to feature in our next newsletter, do let us know.


Here are online shows we've seen recently and which are still (at the time of writing) available. Some are free, some ask for a donation, a few are behind paywalls. Full details of how to watch these shows can be found on our website via the "Read more" button.

Primrose Path

Author: Cat Leyland

A gory and brutal drama, exploring the darkest side of a relationship.
Primrose Path, Online -  Review


Within, Live online - Review
Author: Rob Warren

A tense and well written story that owes more than a little to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.

No Milk for the Foxes

Author: Rob Warren

Theatre that speaks up for the working class.
No Milk For The Foxes, Online - Review

The Boy and the Seahorse

The Boy and the Seahorse, Online - Review
Author: Mary Pollard

A visually attractive rendition of a traditional folktale from the North East.

Jury Duty - A Virtual Experience

Author: Steve Caplin

All the excitement and thrill of live immersive theatre, as you race to uncover the truth.
Jury Duty - A Virtual Experience, Online - Review


Declan, The Actor's Centre Online - Review
Author: H. Wargon

A magical mystery tour through the mind of a disturbed boy.


Author: Steve Caplin

A moving half-hour glimpse into one man's decline.
Breathe, Online - Review

Blowin' in the Wind

Blowin' in the Wind, Online at the Chickenshed - Review
Author: Mary Pollard

This is an inspiring production. Watch and learn how it’s done.

Chloe Nelkin interview

Early on in lockdown we were lucky enough to get to talk to Chloe Nelkin from Chloé Nelkin Consulting, a leading light in theatre PR. Chloe shared her thoughts on how theatre can cope with lockdown and where it may go from here. Three months on, and with still no idea when theatreland may reopen, her words are still relevant.
Interview: Chloe Nelkin on Positivity and where we go from here

Would you pay to watch online theatre?

We recently ran a poll on Twitter asking if people had watched any online theatre. Over three quarters of those taking part had done so and said they enjoyed it. So this week we're asking if you would consider paying for online content? Why not head over to vote now, and leave a comment about why you would, or wouldn't, pay to watch online.

What else is going on right now?

King's Head Theatre Online

For free, every weekday at 1pm for 30 minutes, the King's Head Theatre is streaming a different window into the theatre accessible to everybody: from artists to audiences to just Facebook followers, with the aim to stay connected and develop together. Check their Facebook page to see what's been on and coming up.
More info at King's Head Facebook page here

Something for the younger audience

If you are stuck for ideas on how to amuse the younger members of your family right now, then we'd suggest you may want to check out Little Angel Theatre's YouTube channel, full of short puppet shows and stories, as well as some great videos on how to make puppets and put your own show on.

Visit their YouTube channel here

Next time...

As well as all our latest reviews, we want to use these newsletters to share more news and resources, so please do look out for the next edition soon.

Select A Quest Online Adventure

The team at Pins and Needles Productions set themselves a challenge to create an interactive theatrical experience to enjoy at home during lockdown. The result is this online game for children, but we reckon the kid in all of us may still enjoy a sneaky play of this one.

Available online here

How can I help right now?

We all feel slightly lost right now and unsure how we can help and support the theatre world. Official London Theatre has put together some great advice and ideas that is well worth a read.

Read more here

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