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A warm welcome to 2021

Admit it, you spent so long watching Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ last year, you are running out of shows that look of interest to you. Well, that's ok, because instead you can now watch some of the many online offerings from the theatre community. We've already submerged ourselves in the free online@theSpaceUK season, and plan to watch more before it is over at the end of the month. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can also check out some of the ticketed online content that could be worth settling in with for an evening.

So, for our second edition of 2021, let’s look at what we’ve already seen, and what we reckon might be worth watching next.

Latest reviews

The Same Rain that Falls on Me, online@theSpaceUK

Logan Jones’ monologue will ring true to anyone who has lost someone. Even through the grief and sorrow it delivers an air of hope.

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Broken Link, The Living Record Festival

Review image for Broken Link

A well made production, but its clever technical approach distracts more than adds to the experience.

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How Do You Make a Cup of Tea?, YouTube

An absurdly funny take on the harsh reality of disability in the theatre.

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Kafka's The Hunger Artist, YouTube

Review image for Kafka's The Hunger Artist

True to its description of ‘absurdist’, and is in places truly compelling.

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Four Minute Warning, online@theSpaceUK

Four Minute Warning is 18 minutes where absolutely nothing is going to happen. It is also 18 minutes of wonderous joy.

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Public Domain, Southwark Playhouse

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Public Domain is a 21st century musical of operatic dimensions.

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The Girl and the Raven, Little Angel Theatre

A well-crafted production with a rather wintry feel to it.

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Review: The Girl and the Raven, online @ Little Angel Theatre

Swimming Home, your bathroom

Swimming home review image

Get ready to get wet and wild (sorry but I couldn’t resist) in a unique piece, beamed straight into your bathroom.

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The Sign, online@theSpaceUK

The Sign might fail to quite deliver what it initially teases you with, but there is a nice creepiness about it.

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Over on Grim Street, online@theSpaceUK

review image for over on grim street

A rather fun and interesting take on what happens when the Grim Reaper meets a lonely granny.

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Walk of Shame, online@theSpaceUK

What starts out as a fun, amusing little play quickly develops into something much more sinister.

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Alive, online@theSpaceUK

Alive review image

This charming show demonstrates what can be achieved with sharp writing.

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To Me, That’s What Love Is, Online@theSpaceUK

The actors are charming and engaging with a perceptive script. It’s a perfect way to pass half an hour…and it’s free!

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Review Because thats what love is

Avalanche, online

Avalanche header image

Avalanche is subtle, it’s a slow burner.

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The Inquest, online via Zoom

Part theatre, part interactive puzzle game, this show brings the thrill of a live performance into your home with skill and panache.

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The Inquest review

The Dream, online radio play

The Dream by SPID

An incredible oral, living history project that makes you want to learn more about our shared past.

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What else are we watching this month?

online@theSpaceUK Season 2

Online@theSpaceUK Season 2 Programme Cover
The Space UK has put together an amazing online offering for their second digital season. There are over 50 shows available, and every single one is free. It's full of new writers and new theatre makers, with many of the shows destined, we hope, to grow from here into ones we will get to see on a stage in the not too distant future.

This season really is a delight, allowing us to dip in and out and try out new things, and we highly recommend it to any theatre lovers. It's available until 31st January, so catch it before it's too late.

Visit theSpaceUK website here

The Living Record Festival

In total contrast to the Space UK's season, The Living Record Festival is much more hi-tech. All these shows have been specifically made for digital streaming and from what we have seen so far, they do look much more polished. Of course, they need to be as these events are all ticketed. But from our first impressions, there does seem to be plenty to explore here. We are planning to watch a few more before it ends on 22 February.

Visit The Living Record Festival

Sunday Night Live @ The Theatre Cafe

theatre cafe
The Theatre Café will be hosting a free “Sunday Night Live” show, starting on 7 February at 6pm. They are planning an hour of entertainment streamed across their social media platforms, with performances from musical theatre, pop singers and variety acts, plus interviews with those working within the industry. We reckon it could be worth taking a peek.

You can watch this via all their social media platforms, although given the choice, we reckon Facebook seems the easiest way.

More information at the Theatre Cafe website

Online reviewers wanted

Whilst we already have a great team of reviewers, we are always happy to take on more so we can cover even more shows, especially now there is so much online content available from the comfort of your own sofa. So, if you enjoy watching online theatre and can write about it, we want to hear from you. Just send us a sample of your writing to and we'll have a read and get back to you. If you don't have anything recent to send, why not watch one of the shows at online@theSpaceUK and then put together a review of 400-500 words and send us that? If we think it's a good review, we'll publish it and invite you to join the team. You can find more information on what we're after here.

Until next time

Whilst 2021 hasn't started as we'd all have wanted, and lockdown is still with us, we reckon that the theatre world has stepped up in style and found new and exciting ways to keep us entertained. But ideally, we want to get back into the hallowed space of a theatre soon. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see you there.
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