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Camden Fringe is here

Today sees the start of Camden Fringe 2021. This year's festival looks bigger and better than ever, perhaps because we are all so eager to get back to live theatre, maybe also because many artists have not gone to Edinburgh this month. Either way, we are more than a little excited about everything on offer, so we thought we'd share some of it with you.

Plus what a good time to remind you of our new radio show. In fact, even that has a Camden Fringe feel, as you'll see by some of the guests we've interviewed in the past few weeks.

Runn Radio Show

Since May we've been doing a weekly show for online station Runn Radio. Each week we chat to various theatre makers about their work, trying to delve that little bit deeper into the creative process and the themes addressed by their work. We've had some great guests already, and below we've highlighted a few whose shows are still available to get tickets for.

This Wednesday evening we'll be chatting to Illyria Theatre about their touring outdoor shows and Sam Carlyle about her Camden Fringe show, My Life and Other Jokes.

You can find more details about our show here.
Image for Paperboy from Happy Happy Productions
Image for BUnker Interview with Noga Flaishon


Eve Lytollis joined us to talk about her Camden Fringe-bound play Paperboy, and its themes of male toxicity and lad culture. The show is on from 5 August.

Linus Karp

We caught up with Linus Karp to find out how his new show has been going, and the origins of that cat suit. And whilst his show has now been postponed due to his being 'pinged' it is still a fun chat.

The Bunker

We discussed the lack of theatre sci-fi when we spoken to Noga Flaishon, plus of course her upcoming show, coming to Camden Fringe from 8 August. And do check out the show's trailer, we love it.
Image for Graeme Leak Saved
Image for Greenhouse Theatre at Canary Whaft
image for Coronavirus A Great British Farce


Graeme Leak enthralled us with his lifelong love of making music from anything, ahead of his EdFringe online show.

Greenhouse Theatre

Oli Savage took us for a tour of this pop up venue in Canary Wharf, made from 100% recycled/ reclaimed material.

Coronavirus: A Great British Farce

Mark Daniels took time out of his day to tell us about his new play, also heading to Camden Fringe, and why he has fallen out with his fridge.

Camden Fringe 2021

Camden Fringe currently promises at least 280 shows (you can find them all here). With so much on offer, we can't tell you about them all, but here are six we reckon might be worth checking out.
Sam Carlyle My Life and other stories
the rice krispie killer
we dance on the ash of the apocalypse

My Life and Other Jokes

This gets top billing as we are chatting to Sam Carlyle on this week's radio show, and she is a lot of fun. We reckon she is worthy of attention - just check out the show trailer and tell us you don't now want to watch the full production. Sam's show is later in the Fringe, from 16 August.

The Rice Krispie Killer

Sometimes a title jumps right out to grab your attention. This is, without doubt, one of those. How could you not want to know more when a show starts with the premise of the mysterious death of their parents from a bad batch of Rice Krispies?

We’ll Dance on the Ash of the Apocalypse

If you can't make it in person, there are currently 16 online shows available as well this year. Prehaps the most eye catching is this provocatively titled show, exploring climate change, as a couple wonder if it is fair to bring a child into this world.
Hello I'm You
Sisters of Charity
A Thousand Sons

Hello I'm You

This caught our attention when we read the press release, so we reckon it could be worth checking out from 9 August. It's a very simple set-up, asking what would happen if you answered the front door, and the person standing there was you? It could get quite meta!

Sisters of Charity

If any show is going to bring tears to your eyes, it could well be this one. It looks at Ireland's 'fallen women', a term given to unmarried mothers who the Catholic Church secluded away to avoid embarrassment to the church. What happened in these places though is still only coming out now.

A Thousand Sons

We've picked this as it seems to be tackling a very different subject to anything else we are aware of this year. This play begins with the witnessing of the detonation of the first nuclear bomb, and follows one character whose whole life is affected by being part of that moment.

This week's Twitter poll

As we are celebrating the return of Camden Fringe, we thought we should do a poll about it. So, we want to know if you're planning to attend, or maybe you're going to watch something online. Plus if you are going, why not share with everyone what shows you are most excited about seeing soon.

You might also be interested in...

Look No Hands

Look No Hands

August is not just for Camden Fringe, there are still plenty of other shows happening throughout London. Look No Hands is certainly one that could be worth getting along to The Pleasance to see.

Based on a real near-death experience, the play
explores the female cycling experience and the phenomenon known as Post Traumatic Growth. This certainly promises to be a very interesting story.

Lockedown Locked In Film Project

We've been working with Theatre East N Bull to promote this project. Filmed during lockdown in various locations worldwide, it highlights that domestic violence and homicide against woman is still a major issue and one that has worsened during the past 18 months. The project is not quite completed, but has already been recognised by both the Barcelona International Film Festival and Berlin Indie Film Festival. They now need a little more support to finish the final editing and subtitles, plus any remaining finances going to the actors who have so far given their time and expertise for free. If you feel you can support the project, you can find more information here.
berlin award
barcelona film fest award
homicide timeline
We hope we've piqued your interest in some of the shows coming up in August. It could be a very busy month with Camden Fringe happening as well as the EdFringe - and whilst we aren't going to be in Edinburgh in person this year, we are planning to check out some of their online content. Keep an eye on our website and social media to see what we are watching.
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