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Cast shot for It's A Wonderful Life

Interview: Unravelling the mystery of Mangled Yarn

Christopher Smart on Mangled Yarn’s Christmas show, It’s A Wonderful Life

Our latest guest on The Everything Theatre Podcast is Christopher Smart from Mangled Yarn Theatre. This time last year they released Every Time A Bell Rings, their “prequel” to the Christmas classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. It was a show we loved when we reviewed it online, so when we heard this year they were putting on It’s A Wonderful Life, both in person and on-demand (to be recorded on Christmas Eve) it seemed a great chance to speak to them about both shows, their association with The Place Theatre in Bedford, and what else they might have planned for next year.

And as an added bonus, as well as Christopher, we were treated to the company of his five month old puppy who makes a guest appearance once or twice!

It’s A Wondeful Life, The Place Bedford

Christmas Eve. George is contemplating ending his life: He never got out of Bedford Falls; the bank is on the verge of closure; Potter is closing in; and his blasted kids won’t stop practicing the infernal piano. It’s all too much.

Now only Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, can save him and finally get his wings… This winter come and witness the joy and feel good fuzziness of the salvation of George Bailey, because now more than ever we need to remember IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE!

Mangled Yarn will reimagine one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. For Christmas 2021, The Place Bedford and Mangled Yarn will bring this all time Christmas classic to life as you have never seen it before: filled with magic, music and Holdiay spirit!

Four actors will take on every character using live music, puppetry and a sack load of Christmas magic to bring Bedford Falls to Bedford. Prepare to have your heart strings tugged, your sides split and your disbelief suspended.

What more is it you want? The moon? Well, we can’t make any promises but we’ll fetch our lasoo just in case.

It’s A Wondeful Life plays until 31 December at The Place Bedford The Christmas Eve performance will also be recorded and made available on-demand over the Christmas period (exact date yet to be confirmed). Further details can be found via the following link.

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