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Interview: Burning down the house with Max Mackay

Max Mackay on The Arsonists, part of Play-doh – The Things That Shape Us Festival

The second in our podcast interview series features emerging theatre Director, Max Mackay. Max is directing The Arsonists, which will be playing at Southwark Playhouse on 17 September as part of StoneCrabs Theatre Company’s Play-doh Festival for emerging artists.

The shows will also be livestreamed. Further information and bookings can be found here

The podcast features the full version of the interview. An edited version was originally broadcast on our Runn Radio show on 8 September 2021.

You can download this podcast by clicking on the forward arrow and selecting the download option. You can also follow us on Spotify for future editions of our interview series.

About Rob Warren

Rob accidently ended up working in social housing as a temporary thing. That was ten years ago and hasn't got around to leaving just yet as it fits nicely in with his political views of the world. Started out writing music reviews. Spent many a happy night propping up bars in the back rooms of London's dodgiest music venues. Whilst he is still looking out for the next great band, Rob eventually got into theatre as you get to sit down rather than stand. Theatre was also kinder on the hearing, which had never recovered fully from the last Primal Scream gig he attended. Like his work, Rob tends to like his plays a little social leaning, which probably explains why he struggles to find people to go with him half the time.