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Editor’s Choice: 25 – 31 May

Three shows on this week’s lineup, all very different! From a hard-hitting monologue against the glorification of war, to a series of sketches based on a 17th century aristocracy code of conduct, there is certainly something to cater to all tastes. All shows listed below are still running this coming week.

1. Spokesong at The Finborough – ★★★★★. Until 10th June.

Spokesong is a play about a cycling shop.  It is also a funny, profound and insightful look at eighty years of Irish history. Although these two facts might seem incongruous, this production at the Finborough earned a whopping five stars last week. It was so enjoyable that our reviewer ran out of synonyms for ‘brilliant’. And it is running for another two weeks, so don’t miss out!

2. The Manual Oracle at The Yard – ★★★★. Until 14th June.

The Manual Oracle is something entirely different to Spokesong. It is effectively a series of sketches inspired by the Oráculo manual y arte de prudencia, a sort of seventeenth century code of conduct for members of the Spanish court. Some are comic, some sad, some abstract, and some completely bizarre. In any case, they are all well-executed, and thought-provoking.

3. Johnny Got His Gun at the Southwark Playhouse – ★★★★★. Until 14th June.

Finally, Johnny Got His Gun is a drama past on a pacifist novel. As the world marks the centenary of the start of WWI, Johnny Got His Gun makes the case that there is no glory in war, and that no cause is worthy of the sacrifice of human life. With a magnificent performance by Jack Holden, this production is hard-hitting but riveting.


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