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Editor’s Choice: 11-17 May

1. Fleabag at the Soho Theatre – ★★★★★. Until 25th May.

Fleabag is top of our Editor’s Choice this week, with a whopping five stars. The one-woman-show has already one many accolades (including a Fringe First Award in Edinburgh, The Most Promising New Playwright and Best Female Performance at the Offies, The Stage Award for Best Solo Performer and the Critics Circle Award for Most Promising Playwright…) so it is no surprise that our reviewer simply could not get enough of it. Don’t miss this gem!

2. Desdemona: A play about a handkerchief at the Park Theatre – ★★★★. Until 8th June.

For those of you who love Shakespeare, but can’t find the energy to sit through yet another 3-hour-long production of Othello, here is something that might spark your interest. This warped show turns the play inside out and places Desdemona at the forefront, in a fun and risqué way. Expect the fourth wall to be broken.

3. Bash: latterday plays at Trafalgar Studios – ★★★★. Until 7th June.

One of Neil LaBute’s earlier plays, Bash: latterdays is actually a triptych of one act plays, all connected by a grisly plot point. With compelling performances and good writing, our reviewer warned that while this is riveting theatre, it is not for the faint of heart.

4. Biding Time (remix) at the Arcola Tent – ★★★★. Until 25th May/Touring.

Rounding off our list this week is Biding Time, running at the Arcola Tent. This one is for those of you who want a bit more of an “out there” theatre experience. This production is part Silent Disco, part art installation, part music gig… part play. Charting the rise and a fall of an experimental rock band, the play is a little bonkers. Expect some weirdness… like a Donnie Darko-style man-sized rabbit narrating the story through interpretative dance.





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