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Credit: Donmar Warehouse

Editor’s Choice: 20-26 April

1. Privacy at Donmar Warehouse – ★★★★. Until 31st May.

Privacy is director Josie Rourke’s latest offering to be played at the Donmar. This is a dystopian production which focuses on some of the biggest modern day fears. General technophobia, the NSA spying on us, Google using our data to sell us more things… there are plenty of things to be concerned about in the modern day, and Privacy is there to get you thingking about them. As our reviewer put it, “If you’ve ever wondered if there is a price to pay for having a smart phone, this is the play to see“.

2. Smashed at the Soutbank Centre – ★★★★. Until 18th May.

Can a group of nine mostly silent performers throwing around apples hold your attention for an hour? Apparently, they can, and Smashed is the perfect example. It’s fast, it’s fun, it has a brilliantly talented, comic and clever ensemble. What more could you want?

3. BABY/LON at Hackney Downs Studio – ★★★★. Until 3rd May.

Sometimes, light-hearted Juggling isn’t what you look for in a night out. If you want something with more emotional depth, BABY/LON might be the show for you. This is a powerful and raw drama about peoples’ experiences of the care system. Even more hard-hitting because the cast are telling their own, true stories.

4. Reading with Bach at the Trinity Laban – ★★★★. Until 7th May.

Reading with Bach is a Dance show set to classical music… about reading! Don’t start wondering why someone would choose such an unlikely combination of topics – the reviewer suggests you just go along for the eloquent and atmospheric ride! The piece is now on tour at libraries around London.

5. Brainville at Night at Old Red Lion Theatre – ★★★★. Until 3rd May.

Brainville at Night is a Drama which explores dementia. It takes this grim subject matter and gives it an unconventional spin. Evolving initially from a poem and short story,  Author Alexander Moschos’ experiences as a carer provide invaluable insight into the way dementia affects the individual afflicted, as well as those who care for them. Gripping stuff.



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