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Welcome to the new-look Everything Theatre!

We’ve moved into a shiny new home. Welcome!

A few members of the Everything Theatre team

A few members of the Everything Theatre team

Two years ago, 2 of us started a personal blog reviewing theatre in the capital. Today, we’re very excited to launch our brand new website, which has been a work-in-progress for over three months. It’s a big, and rather scary step for us: despite the fact that we now have 33 amazing volunteers on our team – who between them review 15+ shows per week – we still think of ourselves as a blog that we run in our spare time.

But the time had come for us to grow-up or shut-up, and we’ve opted for the former. Other than the aesthetic however, nothing else about us is going to change. We’re still the same people from all walks of life, and we’re still committed to honest, unpretentious and positive coverage of the London theatre scene.

What has changed though is the way we look, and we really hope you like it! It’s cleaner, easier to read, more exciting and more dynamic. Some key changes:

  • A completely new-look home page which is easier to navigate and easier to understand;
  • New menus which give our readers the option to filter reviews by the type or genre of theatre they want to see;
  • Lots more pictures, lots more colour, and a lot less white text on black background;
  • Better links to our twitter and facebook feeds, to tie everything we do together;
  • A new star-rating system to allow readers to glance at multiple ratings in one go for convenience;
  • Exciting new feature which allows readers to rate productions themselves;
  • A new comments system (powered by Disqus) to foster proper discussion.

These are really just the highlights, but in short this is a completely new website rather than an old-school blog. We’re likely to experience some teething problems as we get used to our new home though, and for that we apologise in advance.

However, what we’d really like to say is a massive, massive thank you. To our brilliant volunteers who keep the site running; to the theatres, production companies, PR agencies and individuals who have supported us all the way; and finally to you – our readers – for continuing to come back and visit.

For now though, we need to get back to holding up the banner for honest, unpretentious and positive coverage of the magnificent London theatre scene.


Team ET

About Everything Theatre

Founded in 2011, Everything Theatre started life as a pokey blog run by two theatre enthusiasts and – thanks to the Entry Pass Scheme for 16-25 year olds – regular National Theatre goers. Today, we are run by part-time volunteers from a wide array of backgrounds. Among our various contributors are people who work in theatre, but also people who work in law, medicine, events, marketing and even psychiatry! We are all united by our love for the London theatre scene.