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Heaven in Berlin, Testbed1 – Review

Ciaran McConvilleDirected by Jamie Harper★★★ Pros: Impressive use of lighting and music to create an atmosphere which heightens your senses. Cons: This kind of promenade does provoke competition amongst the audience – all straining to get a good view of the action across the space. Be prepared to get some elbows! Our Verdict: This is good promenade theatre – energetic, slick and raw all at the same time. Courtesy of Hobo Theatre I was running a bit late in getting ...

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PVT Wars, The Space – Review

James McLure Directed by Naomi Wirthner ★★★★ Pros: A funny and sad performance that is very well thought-out. Cons: An ending that could have been shorter, and sharper. Our Verdict: A very poignant look at the aftermath of the Vietnam War and the destruction left behind both physically and emotionally.  Courtesy of the Barebones Project PVT wars takes place in one of my favourite London venues, The Space, a lovely former church in Mudchute. The always-friendly staff and bar staff ...

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Call Mr Robeson, Tristan Bates Theatre – Review

Written and performed by Tayo AlukoDirected by Olusola Oyeleye★★★★ Pros: This is an interesting and important story told as an engaging and thought-provoking reminiscence. Aluko’s performance is impressively heartfelt and dynamic – I feel I have a real sense of this incredible man. Cons: There are few – the timeline does jump about a bit, which confused me at times. Our Verdict: This is an emotionally charged, insightful monodrama of a lesser known civil rights activist. Wonderfully performed, it leaves ...

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Show Me The Money, Chelsea Theatre – Review

Tony Diggle Directed by Matthew Gould★★ Pros: A simple, cheerful story that is easy to follow in a homely and friendly atmosphere.  Cons: The predictable storyline and the actors’ strange, unnecessary facial twitches. Our Verdict: A romantic comedy that would have benefited from a little more of both romance and comedy. Courtesy of Castlebar Productions Cycling for what seemed forever down posh but quaint King’s Road in Chelsea, as the traffic thinned and the trees became more abundant, made me feel ...

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The Domestic Crusaders, Tara Arts – Review

Wajahat AliDirected by Jatinder Verma★★ Pros: A unique and informative approach to the political and social climate faced by Muslims in America, with an incredibly detailed set. Cons: A heavy handed script and overacting makes the show difficult to bear at times. Our Verdict: The content of the show plus its expert design give it value, though ultimately some flaws in style and performance detract from from the best aspects. Credit: George Torode Wajahat Ali’s The Domestic Crusaders, which makes ...

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