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Override, Watford Palace Theatre – Review

Stacey GreggDirected by Selina Cartmell★★★  Pros: The acting is fantastic and the relationship between the two main characters is very believable. Cons: It could do with being even another 15 minutes longer just to pad out some of the details. It seems a bit rushed and like we were missing something from the story Our Verdict: An interesting take on the subject of trans-humanism. Could have done with some padding out, but this is compensated by some excellent performances. Courtesy ...

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Crazy Glue, The Nursery – Review

Dramaturge: Katherine MarkwickMovement Director: Bert Roman ★★★★ Pros: Original and clever premise, entertaining imagery, an evocative soundtrack and two highly-skilled performers working in perfect harmony. Cons: Might not be to your taste if you don’t like physical theatre or miming. Our Verdict: A clever and captivating piece that skilfully mixes comedy with tragedy, and features an excellent partnership of two accomplished performers. Credit: Single Shoe Productions I’ve never been to a theatre quite like The Nursery before. Located under a ...

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Virgin, Watford Palace Theatre – Review

E V CroweDirected by Joe Murphy★★★★ Pros: An excellent all-rounder which creates tension and climaxes beautifully.Cons: The ending felt a little contrived. Our Verdict: Virgin expertly elucidates work-a-day stress and the struggle for empowerment in modern day UK with guts, gusto and grit. Credit: Robert Day Virgin is part of the Ideal World Series at Watford Palace Theatre; a series about the impact of the digital world. Virgin looks at a couple in the country who are seeking to find ...

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Golden Child, New Diorama Theatre – Review

David Henry Hwang  Directed by Ng Choon Ping ★★★★ Pros: Dramatically relevant and as thought provoking as it is spirit-lifting as a play. Marvellous costumes and scenes. Good character development. Cons: Some hesitant acting especially in the first half but nothing that would detract from this play’s magic atmosphere. Our Verdict: A very well made production of a much overdue British adaptation of this Chinese-American multi-awarded play. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.  Credit: Anna Nguyen I was thrilled to be invited ...

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As You Like It, The Rose, Bankside – Review

William Shakespeare Directed by Jessica Ruano ★★★★ Pros: Great rendition of Shakespeare’s comedy classic. Enthusiastic performances and superb direction. Cons: I would have liked the cast to perform the entire play instead of this abridged version. Our verdict: Shakespeare fans and newbies alike will very much enjoy this bite-sized version of As You Like It. A truly wonderful rendition that leaves you yearning for more. Courtesy of The Rose This was my first visit to the historic Rose Theatre in ...

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The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review

Paul ZindelDirected by Amy Gunn★★★★ Pros: This production fits any day, any mood and anyone and everyone. Cons: I honestly find it very hard to think of anything. Our verdict: One of the sweetest, most tender productions out there at the moment. Aimed at all kinds of audience, you will simply love it. Courtesy of Outfox Productions A new production of the 1964 play by Pulitzer Prize-winner Paul Zindel, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds tells the story ...

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The Fu Manchu Complex, Ovalhouse – Review

Daniel York Loh Directed by Justin Audibert ★★★ Pros: This show actually produced laughter, rather than just a smile. Cons: Old jokes from the beginning of the show feel a little like they are re-hashed again and again throughout the show with nothing new to add except shock factor. Our Verdict: If you enjoy The Book of Mormon style of comedy then this show is for you. A clever piece performed by 5 strong actors. Although it has a very ...

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Sitting With Thistle, Lion & Unicorn Theatre – Review

Marietta Kirkbride Directed by Simon Kane & Elf Lyons ★★★ Pros: Well performed, a great stage set and entertainingly annoying characters. Cons: An hour and half felt like a long time without a breather but any break would have damaged the tension and flow of the play. Our Verdict: The play was enjoyable as a portrait of sibling relations but there is no great denouement so enjoy the ride rather than expect a grand finale. Credit: tnt-images A short walk ...

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Unrelated, Drayton Theatre – Review

D B Horrigan Directed by Tom Latter ★★ Pros: Some nice performances and good use of the unconventional space. Cons: Too long for the subject matter covered, some relationships seem unlikely. Our Verdict: A play which could be trimmed, and possibly reworked, to bring it to its full potential. Courtesy of Drayton Theatre Despite having been an avid theatre-goer in London for several years, the Drayton Theatre had eluded me until now. One of the perks of being a reviewer ...

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Black Jesus, Finborough Theatre – Review

Anders LustgartenDirected by David Mercatali★★★★  Pros: A powerful and intelligent script, excellent performance, functional and well-designed set. Cons: The play runs a bit short and couple have benefited from an extra scene or two to cinch the potency of the piece. Our Verdict: Black Jesus is a simply fantastic new work in every way and deserves a high place on your must-see list. Courtesy of Finborough Theatre Every time I visit the Finborough Theatre, I’m always shocked at the extent ...

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