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Doonreagan, Jermyn Street Theatre – Review

by Ann Henning JocelynDirected by Alex Dmitriev ★★★★  Pros: Play offers an insight into a little-known time in poet Ted Hughes’ life. Cons: Would have been nice to have a longer show! Our Verdict: A one-act play that packs an emotional punch. Courtesy of Jermyn Street Theatre Doonreagan takes place a few years after the death of Sylvia Plath – the famous American poet who committed suicide in the 60’s. Her husband, fellow poet Ted Hughes, has moved his children ...

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The Picture of Dorian Gray, Greenwich (Secret Location) – Review

by Oscar WildePresented by The Alchemic Order★★★ Pros: The combination of promenade theatre and “Dorian Gray’s private home” gives this piece something quite special. Cons: Conversations felt slow, the pauses between lines sometimes dragged. However this might have been because of last-minute-casting. Our Verdict: A different evening that will transport into the debauched upper echelons of Victorian society, albeit it is a little rough around the edges. Courtesy of Sebastian Lister and The Alchemic Order What do you do when ...

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Pope Joan, St. James’Church – Review

by Louise BrealeyDirected by Paul Hart★★★★ Pros: Everything about this piece is good – the writing, the acting, the setting, the lighting – it all works. Sophia Crawford’s performance is a highlight. Cons: Although atmospheric, church acoustics make voices echo so some dialogue is hard to catch. Our Verdict: This is wonderful theatre. It builds slowly, but provides a thoughtful look into an often-debated subject in history that still has relevance and shock value in today’s society. Courtesy of National Youth Theatre Given ...

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Unsung, Rosemary Branch Theatre – Review

by Ayndrilla SingharayDirected by Lucy Allan★★★★ Pros: Intense plot and acting filled with emotion and surprises, with an overwhelming ending. Cons: The slight over-acting made the scenes look too staged at times. Our Verdict: A gripping and haunting story about love and family, fantastic script and setting. I highly recommend it! Courtesy of Rosemary Branch Theatre Unsung is writer Ayndrilla Singharay’s reinterpretation of a short story by Rabindranath Tagore called Punishment. The original piece is set in a little village ...

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Never Have I Seen Mount Fuji, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review

Howard ColyerDirected by Sarah Marr and Scott Le Crass★★★★ Pros: Produced perfectly, performed fantastically, written engagingly. Cons: I did not really understand the point of the final play, Nothing Else Ever. Our Verdict: An enjoyable evening where I inhaled the riveting performances. Judging by the quality of these shows, Ballast Theatre is a company to watch out for. Courtesy of Brockley Jack Studio Theatre Although entitled Never Have I Seen Mount Fuji, this show was actually made up of three ...

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