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Suggestions of Love, King’s Head Theatre

Riccardo Bentsik  Music by Luca Tieppo  Directed by Iskandar R. Sharazuddin ★★★★ Pros: Mr Wyrd’s performance and dialogues. Truly enjoyable. Cons: The lyrics of the songs add a level of abstraction to the story that may perhaps complicate it. Our Verdict: A powerful production filled with emotion, music and magic. Credit: Tanushree Mathur Suggestions of Love, an Opera in one act, tells the story of two people – merely known as he and she – and the otherworldly forces that bring ...

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Lost Soles (Programme A), 38 Earlham Street – Review

Radha S Menon, Chloe Mashiter, Liam Tweddle, Mike Carter and Deschaney TateDirected by Nick Myles, Hannah Quigley, Blythe Stewart, Gavin Dent and Tom Lake★★★ Pros: Endearing, heartwarming and incredibly culturally revealing. Cons: Some staging issues meant that a lot of the audience couldn’t see anything. Our Verdict: A very intriguing night of short plays which revealed themes of loneliness, dissatisfaction and longing – but managed never to be melancholy. Courtesy of Riff Raff Productions Lost Soles is a collection of ...

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London Stories, Battersea Arts Centre – Review

Performed by the people of London★★★★ Pros: An informative introduction and an emotive conclusion winds this show up into a tight and smart piece. Cons: There are four “routes” of which you only get given one. This means you miss out on three times the stories you see. Our Verdict: A Festival which focuses on the complex and diverse people that make up London. A personal theatre trip that will make you appreciate those humans who you interact with but ...

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Othello: The Remix, Unicorn Theatre – Review

Written, directed and music by GQ and JQ Developed with Rick Boynton ★★★★ Pros: Fun, invigorating storytelling. Quite simply, ya gotta go! Cons: May be difficult for those who are cynical about adapting Shakespeare.  Our Verdict: Kick that cynicism out the door. Shakespeare would want you to. Credit: Michael  Brosilow Those theatre snobs who deem it sacrilege to stray from good ol’ Will’s classic text would do well to remember that Shakespeare based his famous tragedy on the Italian writer ...

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Cheese, Oxford Street – Review

Nikki SchreiberDirected by Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe★★★★ Pros: A quirky play within a play that offers lots of laughs, gags and good humour, as well as a serious and meaningful contemplation of the causes and consequences of the economic collapse. Cons: Despite being told in allegorical form and presenting several perspectives, the message and tone of the production did feel overtly didactic at times. Verdict: Cheese offers a unique experience in more ways than one. A sharp dissection of ...

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A Scent of Flowers, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review

James SaundersDirected by Matthew Parker★★★★ Pros: The tone of the mid twentieth century was conveyed and performed beautifully. Cons: The show moved too quickly in the beginning, making it a bit hard to follow. Our Verdict: The trinkets of anguish in Zoe’s life are bought together fantastically by DogOrange theatre company, examining the true pitfalls of heartbreak. The audience is taken back to a recent but long-forgotten past. Courtesy of Brockley Jack Studio Theatre I always look forward to shows at the intimate ...

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Summer Day’s Dream, Finborough Theatre – Review

J B PriestleyDirected by Alex Marker★★★★  Pros: The post-apocalyptic British setting is intriguing. Strong character development, interwoven storylines and vivid imagery give the play a lot of interest and energy. The production standard is excellent and the stage direction is fantastic for such a small space. Cons: Written in 1949 and set in 1975, some aspects of the play are a little dated and naïve. Some of the characters are over-romanticised which leaves them a little contrived and insincere. Our ...

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Hamlet, The London Theatre – Review

William Shakespeare Directed by Scott Ellis ★★★ Pros: A mesmerising performance from Simon Grujich in the title role, a fast-paced evening, and a refreshingly clear and back-to-basics approach to the most well-known play in the English language. Cons: I felt that the final scene was not as moving as it should have been and that the supporting cast were outshone by Grujich’s performance.  Our Verdict: This is a solid production that uses simple and effective staging to foreground Shakespeare’s text, ...

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City Love, CLF Art Café – Review

Simon Vinnicombe Presented by The Orange Line Collective ★★★★ Pros: Funny, truthful and touching. Cons: Perhaps at times the pace of the dialogue was a little frenetic. I was little disappointed by the lack of London imagery in the stage design. Our Verdict: An intelligently put together, poignant exploration of modern London-based love. Credit: Sam Swainsbury City Love, by emerging writer, Simon Vinnicombe expertly explores modern relationships. It tells the story of Lucy and Jim. They are alone in London; both ...

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War Horse, New London Theatre – Review

Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Nick Stafford Directed by Marianne Elliot and Tom Morris ★★★★★ Pros: A stunning play packed with emotion, talent and humanity. Cons: The ending moment perhaps lacked some of the emotion it had been built up to produce. Our Verdict: The play that theatre has been waiting for. Simply breathtaking. Credit: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg Michael Morpurgo wrote War Horse with the intention of telling the story of the First World War through the eyes of a horse, so that ...

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