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There Has Possibly Been An Incident, Soho Theatre – Review

Chris Thorpe  Directed by Sam Pritchard ★★★ Pros: An insightful look into violence and moral ambiguity in the modern world. Cons: Extremely inaccessible and demanding of its audience. I found the staging and the general style of performance very difficult to engage with. Our Verdict: This was very difficult to engage with. Brilliant in some ways, but certainly not easy watching. Courtesy of Soho Theatre I have to say, I feel a little guilty for not having loved this show. It ...

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Into The Woods Screening, Regents Park Open Air Theatre – Review

Stephen Sondheim Directed by Timothy Sheader Hosted by Digital Theatre ★★★★  Pros: We can see a show from 2010 and create a new live event around it. The atmosphere was very fun and personable with a lovely array of guests. Cons: Limited connection with the other audiences watching in other locations.  Our Verdict: A very fun way to revive a revival, I see screening parties becoming more popular. Courtesy of Digital Theatre Ever felt frustrated that you don’t have time ...

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The Barrier, Park Theatre – Review

Sally Llewellyn Directed by Kirrie Wratten  ★★  Pros: The set, lighting and audio enhance the performance. The program is full of interesting reading, adding a lot of context to the show. There is a good amount of on-stage action, so the audience sees what is happening. Cons: The story is very simple, especially given the subject matter. The dialogue felt contrived, and the delivery is a bit melodramatic. Our Verdict: Conceptually this story is interesting. Unfortunately, it does not translate to ...

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Jekyll and Hyde, Southwark Playhouse – Review

Jonathan Holloway Directed by Jessica Edwards ★★ Pros: An original adaptation of a classic text. Cons: I found it easy to stop caring about what was going on. Our Verdict: Brilliantly sordid without actually being brilliant. Courtesy of Flipping the Bird Theatre This is an interesting one. Back in July one of my fellow Everything Theatre contributors reviewed this production before it went up to the Edinburgh Festival – as you will read, they felt rather differently to me about ...

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Ghosts, Rose Theatre – Review

By Henrik Ibsen Translated and directed by Stephen Urwin ★★★★ Pros: Subtle unraveling of the plot creates intricate relationships. Cons: The interval felt a little oddly placed and disrupted the action. Our Verdict: A piece that all dialogue lovers simply must see. Outstanding script. Credit: Simon Annand Ghosts tells the story of a family, or what’s become of it after the passing of the husband and father. Ten years after his death, a mother and son are reunited in the ...

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The Spanish Tragedy, Blue Elephant Theatre – Review

Thomas Kyd Directed by Ricky Dukes ★★★★ Pros: An easy to understand, highly watchable production of this Elizabethan play edited down to an hour and a half and performed by a highly skilled cast. Cons: Unusual lighting choices, constant smoke and a hot theatre made for a somewhat uncomfortable viewing experience. Our Verdict: The quick pace, use of physical performance, modern costumes and well-crafted performances make this production by one of Shakespeare’s contemporaries a refreshing alternative to typical classical theatre ...

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She Writes: What’s Through the Door, Canal Café Theatre – Review

Presented by 17% in association with Canal Café TheatreDirected by Amy Clare Tasker ★★★★ Loosing Light by Whoop ‘n ‘Wail The Audition by Sam Hall The Fourth Circle by Hehir  Pros: Three plays in one, each delightful and mysterious. The pieces are beautifully and intelligently connected by an overarching narrative. Cons: I think this piece could have benefited from more playing space. It could do with a bigger theatre where the central and integral set piece, a green door, could be ...

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The Memoirs of Lucy Bell, The Space – Review

Hope Murphy-NantonDirected by Hope Murphy-Nanton★★★ Pros: If you like jazz standards played live, you’ll like this show. Cons: Some practical matters, such as sightlines, don’t seem to have been thought out completely. Our Verdict: An interesting, if uneven, love letter to ‘Lady Ella’. Courtesy of The Space Anyone who’s been to Edinburgh will recognise the one man/woman show where the actor addresses the audience. This show’s unique selling point is that the lead character relates how she met and was ...

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Island State, Waterloo East Theatre – Review

Written and directed by Dom Riley★ Pros: A bold premise and some nice evocative background shots in between acts. Cons: Poorly staged and lacking any real pace, excitement, or pertinence. Our Verdict: A one-dimensional show that – in part owing to the misgivings of the venue – failed to create a connection with the audience.  Courtesy of Richard Davenport and Waterloo East We’ve all been there: settling down to watch this year’s hottest new film, when BAM! The aggressive music. ...

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