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Camden Fringe: Intuit This, Camden People’s Theatre

Part of the Camden Fringe 2013
Devised by Intuitive Creatures

Pros: Completely wacky and light-hearted with a healthy dose of eccentric, clever humour.

Cons: A weak narrative – scenes were not cohesive enough to accommodate a comprehensive, full length piece of theatre.

Our Verdict: Interesting and funny stand-alone vignettes that don’t quite fit together nicely enough to create a strong story, absurd or otherwise.

Courtesy of Intuitive Creatures

A jumbled mix of vignettes is the creation of the Intuitive Creatures, an international theatre company who seek ‘to make new theatre based on the desire to find a generous and vital connection with the audience.’
Intuit This appears to achieve this connection through absurd characterizations (particularly of flora and fauna) and live original music with nutty lyrics but, where it lost me was the lack of strong narrative and follow-through plot points.

Having first experimented on the sketch and cabaret circuit, Intuit This comes across as numerous successful comedy ideas and skits that have been tentatively strung together without a hearty enough through-line. To be honest, in my opinion, the idea of a human couple seeking justice from a stinging bee whom the police go after with vengeance while the victim, obsessed with the ‘offending act’ ,secretly comes into her own sexuality as a consequence, isn’t quite enough to hang a plot on.

While Brian the perpetrator Bee was a fun character to watch and the two bitchy flowers engaging in girl talk (plant style!) was too funny for words, these were several great moments of a whole that didn’t really add up. This was particularly evident at the end when a bit which was perhaps intended to make everything click into place, seemed like a hasty ending attempting to cohere scattered parts.

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Intuit This plays at the Camden People’s Theatre until 16 Aug
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