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Gentlemen, Please, White Bear Theatre

Sean Michael Welch Directed by William E.P. Davis  ★★★ Pros: Very funny with plenty of wordplay and physical comedy.  Cons: A few jokes wore out their welcome.  Our Verdict: A hilariously infuriating short piece that features its actors well and rarely ceased to elicit laughs. Courtesy of AXIS Arts Following Unwrap Your Candy, the White Bear houses Gentlemen, Please – the tale of a duel gone terribly, hilariously wrong. Where the previous show fails to find its comedic hot spot, ...

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Unwrap Your Candy, White Bear Theatre

Doug Wright Directed by Nick Bradford ★★  Pros: Good framework and interesting choices, some very funny moments.  Cons: The three pieces were bizarre, but not always in a good way: they didn’t match in tone, and all were quite anti-climactic. Our Verdict: The show made a good effort, and had some interesting things going on, but it wasn’t that enjoyable.  Courtesy of AXIS Arts The White Bear Theatre presented two separate shows this past week, the first being the bizarre ...

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Open Doors, The Troubadour

Presented by Stay on the Bus Productions ★★★ Pros: Some terrific script-writing, lovely acting and lots of laughs. Cons: The venue was over-crowded and unbearably hot, though this was most likely due to it being a busy press night. Our Verdict: The format of bite size drama works as a terrific alternative to a full-length play. Open Doors is an evening filled with big laughs, strong performances and great writing. Courtesy of Stay on the Bus Productions Much as I ...

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Over the Bridge, Finborough theatre

Sam ThompsonDirected by Emma Faulker★★★★ Pros: The cast worked fantastically together, creating a truly tense and touching dynamic.Cons: A couple of suspect Irish accents occasionally tainted the atmosphere. Our Verdict: A sensational piece of theatre loaded with conviction, commitment and emotion. Courtesy of The Finborough Theatre Before its premier performance in January 1960, Over the Bridge had caused mass controversy amongst the theatre companies of Ulster, the Northern Irish province in which Belfast sits. Its writer, Sam Thompson, was an Irish ...

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Tea with Mamgu, The London Welsh Centre

Written and directed by David J. Evans ★★★ Pros: An interesting approach to the very difficult subject of succumbing to dementia. Funny at times and moving at others. Enjoyable elements of Welsh culture and some very good acting.Cons: Slightly static direction with lengthy dialogue and lack of movement on stage. Mamgu was a tad too youthful for her age, detracting from an otherwise well written play.Our Verdict: An enjoyable play about the terrible reality of a dementia sufferer. A play ...

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Ocelot: Resurrection, The Last Refuge

The Brothers KaufmanDirected by Jonathan Kaufman★★★ Pros: Hilarious short pieces and a wildly funny, engaged cast. Cons: Inclusion of light and set design would have bumped the presentation up a notch. Our Verdict: Though it could have been easier on the eyes, Ocelet: Resurrection is a hidden comic gem that will crack you up and make you think! Courtesy of The Last Refuge This month, Spontaneous Productions presents Ocelot: Resurrection, their fourth series of short plays and sketches since 2009. ...

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