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Gentlemen, Please, White Bear Theatre

Sean Michael Welch

Directed by William E.P. Davis 
Pros: Very funny with plenty of wordplay and physical comedy. 
Cons: A few jokes wore out their welcome. 
Our Verdict: A hilariously infuriating short piece that features its actors well and rarely ceased to elicit laughs.
Courtesy of AXIS Arts

Following Unwrap Your Candy, the White Bear houses Gentlemen, Please – the tale of a duel gone terribly, hilariously wrong. Where the previous show fails to find its comedic hot spot, the second production does so with flying colors. The intense Mr. Willingmore has challenged the idiotic Mr. Burbee to a duel, and they can’t seem to get on the same page to get it over with.

The half-hour show goes quickly, but is rife throughout with physical comedy and fast-paced, goofy dialogue that serves the situation just right. All three actors are terrifically committed and delightfully funny. There were a handful of moments where the same joke went on for a little too long, but luckily the gifted cast handled this well and was able to save our senses of humor any severe disappointment.
The show is surprising and hilarious until the last moment, detailing the bureaucracy of a life-and-death situation with charm, energy, and comedic style. It’s well worth seeing but does start a little late – 8:45pm, after a half hour interval following Unwrap Your Candy.
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Gentlemen, Please runs alongside Unwrap Your Candy at the White Bear Theatre until 5th May 2013.

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